Kenner Army Health Clinic officially recognized the arrival of the Warrior Transition Unit this week with the in-processing of 12 Soldiers.

The WTU’s mission is to establish the conditions to facilitate the Warriors’ healing process physically, mentally and spiritually.

The heart of the unit is the triad of Warrior support—the physician, the case manager and the squad leader.

Also instrumental in the healing process, are the company commander, first sergeant and several other personnel staffed from within the Fort Lee family of units.

Everyone at Fort Lee is committed to providing the best possible leadership, services and clinical care to our Warriors-in-Transition equal to the quality of their service and the sacrifice they’ve made for the nation.

The first WTU town hall was held Aug. 8 where Fort Lee’s senior leadership explained to the Soldiers and family members assigned to the WTU about the mission of the WTU and introduced the cadre.

The WTU cadre is comprised of professionals selected from local units within the Fort Lee community and from Kenner Army Health Clinic, and are working together as a team to ensure advocacy for the Warriors’ needs, their continuity of care and their seamless transition back into the force or on to a productive civilian life.