On June 15, Kenner Army Health Clinic activated a new unit focused on providing care to Soldiers requiring expedited medical care. The warrior Transition Unit mission is to establish the conditions to facilitate the warriors’ healing process physically, mentally and spiritually. The heart of the unit is the triad of Warrior support, including squad leaders, case managers and primary care providers.

Warriors in Transition are defined as Soldiers who meet the qualifications for medical hold, medical holdover or Active Duty medical extension; and Active Component Soldiers who require a medical evaluation board or have complex medical needs requiring more than six months of treatment.

The term does not normally apply to Soldiers in initial entry training, advanced individual training or one station unit training.

The WTU at KAHC is comprised of 21 professional cadre that include a commander, first sergeant, platoon sergeants, squad leaders, case managers, social worker and various support staff.

Prior to assuming its mission and to set the conditions for future success, the WTU Command Team completed the Warrior Transition Certification Program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The squad leaders, case managers, and primary care managers will work together as a team to help the warrior’s complete their treatment and navigate the health care system as the transition back to duty or a productive civilian life.

Everyone at Kenner Army Health Clinic is committed to providing the best possible leadership and clinical care to our warriors-in-transition equal to the quality of their service and the sacrifice they’ve made for our nation.