FALLS CHURCH, Va. – The Department of Defense (DoD) Patient Safety Program has a new Web site - http://dodpatientsafety.usuhs.mil - serving as a comprehensive, one-stop source of information to military and civilian patient safety administrators and health care providers.

“The Web site perfectly supports our mission,” said Army COL Steven Grimes, Director of the DoD Patient Safety Program. “It provides products, services and training to help ensure the safe delivery of health care to Military Health System beneficiaries.”

The new patient safety Web site provides pamphlets, posters and other information products that encourage a systems approach to creating a safer patient environment and foster trust, transparency, teamwork and communication.

The site offers critical information, training resources, educational materials and data analysis to help patient safety personnel achieve significant success in improving patient safety. And as Grimes says, this is only the beginning.

“Future Web site enhancements will allow it to function as a portal, bringing all safety-related information together in one place. Hospital and clinic safety managers, patient safety officers, nursing and medical staff, and everyone committed to improving safety will want to explore the site.”

The site also offers valuable insight into DoD’s TeamSTEPPS™ medical team training program, which is now available to civilian medical facilities. The Military Health System (MHS) developed Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS™) to improve the culture of patient safety in hospitals and other health care settings. This research-based system presents tools for team training, coaching and change management to improve communication, reduce medical error, and create a culture of safety within health care facilities.