The Housing Office is located at 1510 Sisisky Blvd. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. n 4 p.m. However, the office closes at 11:45 a.m. on Thursdays, so the staff can attend meetings and inspect housing neighborhoods.

1510 Sisisky Blvd.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801

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Management: 804-765-1976

Community Centers Reservation: 804-765-1978

Service Orders: 804-734-5100

General Information: 804-765-1960

Family Housing on Fort Lee is divided into three grade/rank designations: JRNCO, SRNCO and officer. Currently, Fort Lee has five separate housing neighborhoods (Jackson Circle, Harrison Villa, Madison Park, Jefferson Terrace and Monroe Manor). Since 1996, 536 new units have been constructed. The newest construction of 90 units in Madison Park will be completed in 2006; another 14 units should be completed by January 2007. Jefferson Terrace is also undergoing replacement and by June 2008 will have 182 newly constructed housing units. Harrison Villa was completed in 2003 with 274 new housing units and Jackson Circle was completed in 1996 with 172 new housing units. Both neighborhoods provide space and amenities normally found in private sector developments. Fort Lee is scheduled to transfer all of its housing assets under a program known as Residential Communities Initiative in September 2007. Over the next several years, the remaining housing units will either be replaced or completely renovated depending on age and condition. We will also be constructing an additional 600+ housing units in new neighborhoods.

Fort Lee’s final Housing inventory based on a 2005 Housing Market Analysis study should be 1,818 dwelling units. Currently, several units in the Harrison Villa/Jackson Circle areas are handicap adaptable for “special need” residents. Bedroom composition ranges from two-bedroom to five-bedroom units within the different neighborhoods.

These neighborhood communities have dedicated teams consisting of a housing mayor (military spouse) military sponsor unit, area block coordinators, building coordinators and a housing agent.

Incoming military members must sign into Fort Lee prior to being placed on a waiting list for family housing or deciding to reside in the private sector.

As part of the Housing Services Office, or HSO, a resource room is available at the family housing office to provide information on properties in local communities. Three work-stations with phone support are available for customer use. Due to unit stationing and an aggressive family housing renovation program, most incoming Soldiers with dependents will be required to reside off post.

A valuable Web site for securing off post housing is This site has a list of available rental properties within the surrounding area. Rental prices, number of bedrooms, deposit requirements and many times even pictures are available.

It is not mandatory that married military members reside on post unless they occupy a key and essential position.

Renters should thoroughly review their lease and if any provisions are unclear have it reviewed by SJA.

There are several policies that govern family housing: AR210-50 (Housing Management, 3 Oct 2005) governs housing staff.

Housing residents are issued a housing residents handbook upon assignment to quarters and a handout covering procedures for clearing quarters.

Residents are notified of changes in policies, procedures and information at town hall meetings, flyers, Mayors’ Newsletters, and announcements in the Fort Lee “Traveller” as well as on Fort Lee’s CATV Command Channel 70.

Residents may also access the housing homepage at the following Internet address n

There is a community center managed by the Housing Office: The East Community Center located next to the Housing Office on Sisisky Boulevard. The center is available on a first-come, first-serve basis for military members and their families assigned to Fort Lee.

The center may be used for meetings (official and unofficial), parties and neighborhood activities. No smoking, use of alcohol, catering or money making activities are allowed in these buildings.

An authorized military I.D. cardholder must sign for the building; paperwork must be completed at least one week prior to the planned activity.

During holidays and peak seasons (such as graduation and spring break) it is recommended that a reservation be made as early as possible. In all cases reservations must be made at least a week in advance.

The user must ensure the center is neat, clean and returned to its standard setup before it is returned to housing.

Single permanent-party military members new to Fort Lee should call (804) 765-1978. Eight bachelor officer quarters (with two-bedroom apartments) and two senior enlisted quarters are available. These personnel have the option of residing on or off post. BOQs and SEQs are furnished. Single permanent-party military in the grades of E-4 and below are normally housed in the installation's barracks, Bldgs. P-8401, P-8402 or P-8150.

There is no geographic bachelor housing available on the installation and AIT Soldiers must reside on the installation in their unit’s AIT barracks. AIT students should not bring family members with them while stationed at Fort Lee.

Housing for military students varies depending on a student’s status. Most students are prohibited from bringing family members to Fort Lee. Questions regarding housing policies should be directed to the various schools’ cadre as listed under the unit portion of this book.