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FORT LEE, Va. (Feb. 9, 2012) -- ACROSS 

1. The power created by propellers to lift an aircraft

2. A body of fog located in the sky

5. Popular sneaker named for an individual's ability to "fly" to the hoop

7. A spiritual place located beyond the skies

9. Short name for a U.S. aircraft that has the ability to take off vertically

11. Shot up in the air to warn or illuminate

12. Sometimes used in place of the word "climb," especially when it concerns mountains

13. The president of the United States frequently flies in this jet

14. The moment a missile is launched into the air

16. Name of the presidential vehicle that goes up and has the ability to hover

17. Lighter than air and used to lift airships


1. A football's path of travel when thrown into the air

3. Used to climb walls or buildings

4. A Soldier who quickly moves upward in rank

6. To move upward

8. A people mover that goes up then comes down

10. Urban structures built upward

15. Similar to floating in the air

18. Gary Powers spy plane that went up but was shot down by the Russians

19. Skyward entertainment that occurs mostly at night