FORT LEE, Va. (March 31, 2020) -- ACROSS

1. When menu items are priced individually (three words, French)

5. A sandwich made with corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut

6. The main course of a meal

7. In French this means ‘everything in place’ or the practice of preparing ingredients and organizing equipment

9. To brown meat and other foods quickly with high heat

11. The practice and technique of melting foods such as cheese and chocolate

13. An Italian frozen dessert

14. This is often done with turkeys to keep the meat moist while cooking

15. A thin pancake

16. A skewer of meat, fish or vegetables

17. An extremely hot chili

18. Germany’s popular veal dish DOWN

1. A high-quality beef of Scottish origins

2. A beginning course; ‘means to whet the appetite’

3. A proprietary hot sauce made only in Louisiana

4. A popular condiment used with Asian foods (two words)

5. Japanese for deep-fried noodles

8. A spicy sausage used frequently in Creole cooking

10. A thick spicy stew or soup laid over rice and popular in “N’Orleans”

12. Often used in Mexican cuisine, it is made from avocados and used as a dip