FORT LEE, Va. (June 23, 2016) -- ACROSS

1. Worn with tuxedoes

4. A hosiery accessory for women ... and men

6. Not usually worn in the modern world, it is more of a fashion embellishment for royalty

10. A signature Hugh Hefner staple (two words)

14. A large, rectangular piece of cloth typically worn over the head or shoulders

15. This brand of hat is worn by U.S. Army cavalrymen on ceremonial occasions

16. This type of neckwear almost went out of style but has seen a resurgence (two words)

17. It is still worn by some Mennonite and Amish girls and women


1. Can be used as a crutch, for corporal punishment or purely for fashion

2. These keep the ears warm

3. Disposable napkins have rendered this nearly obsolete

5. A neckband used by men in civilian and military dress

7. A large purse

8. Also called a muffler

9. Jewelry items worn by men and boys, especially for formal occasions

11. Quite like an umbrella

12. These are called braces in Britain

13. Pantyhose, leggings and socks fall under this accessory category

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