FORT LEE, Va. (July 2, 2015) -- ACROSS

1. The sport most closely associated with the 4th of July

2. They light up the sky in a spectacular way

3. A founding father who died on Independence Day

5. An occasion in which a meal can be served outdoors at a park

10. A rather large 4th of July musical celebration occurs each year at this Washington, D.C. location

11. Place where Francis Scott Key wrote the national anthem (two words)

12. President who died on Independence Day


1. A certain method of cooking is the featured attraction at this occasion

4. You are likely to see it as a decoration at a variety of events on Independence Day

5. An event that features marching bands and other attractions as a procession

6. Last name of president born on July 4

7. This date appears on a very important document but is not the actual date the country declared its independence

8. Sideshows, Ferris wheels and entertainment booths are mainstays at this attraction

9. Founding father who died July 4.