FORT LEE, Va. (July 30, 2015) -- ACROSS

3. Medically disqualified by the Army, he joined the Navy and served in World War II as a patrol boat commander (last name)

6. Was the only U.S. Naval Academy graduate (last name)

8. While piloting a Navy aircraft during World War II, was shot down (initials only)

11. The last president to serve in the military (initials only)

13. The only president to receive the Medal of Honor (last name)

14. This War of 1812 Army veteran had the shortest time in office (first name only)

15. One of only two to attain the general of the army rank


1. While a Soldier, helped produce training films (last name)

2. This former football player served in the Navy (last name only)

4. The last West Point graduate to be elected president (last name)

5. A career Soldier who served in four wars (last name)

7. Was an Army reservist until he left the presidency

9. He was the general of the armies

12. Commanded an infantry bridgade during Sherman’s March to the Sea (first name)

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