FORT LEE, Va. (March 26, 2015) -- ACROSS

1. You will not likely find this bird on any war emblem

4. Their wings move so fast, they are rarely photographed completely still

5. A specialized, swift hunter known to make swooping dives

7. A war-proven, renown navigator (two words)

9. Swift on its feet, but flightless

10. Known for their distinctive wobble and classy color scheme

11. Nemesis of Sylvester the Cat (two words)

13. They live for carrion and are known to circle over kills


2. Its image won’t grace the cover of the partnership for peace brochure

3. Benjamin Franklin once suggested this bird as a national symbol

6. Doesn’t need any help hunting fish

8. Known for its ground speed, not its flying ability

12. Not a bird, but a flying mammal