FEBRUARY Puzzle copy

FORT LEE, Va. (Feb. 16, 2012) -- February is a month full of celebrations and observances. Some of them are used in this puzzle. The words and phrases in the puzzle are forward, backward, vertical, horizontal and diagonal.

American Heart Month

Ash Wednesday (22)

Bachelors Day (29)

Ballet Day (7)

Beans Month

Black History Month

Bird Feeding Mon.

Boy Scout Week (5-11)

Bubble Gum Day (3)

Cherry Mon.

Geo. Washington's Birthday (22)

Getting Dizzy Week (8-14)

Grapefruit Mon.

Groundhog Day (2)

Jello Week (12-18)

Leap Day (29)

Library Lovers Month

Lincoln's Birthday (12)

Love a Mench Week (12-18)

Mardi Gras (21)

National Green Week (6-11)

National Pancake Week (19-25)

Opera Day (8)

Presidents' Day (20)

Spay Day USA (28)

Super Bowl Sunday (5)

Spunky Old Broads Month

USO Day (4)

Valentine's Day (14)

Women's Heart Week (1-7)

World Thinking Day (22)