FORT LEE, Va. (Oct. 27, 2016) -- ACROSS

1. Gained an advantage via the first televised debate

4. Stood no chance against Ronald Reagan’s reelection bid

5. This former Tennesee senator won the popular vote but lost the electoral college

8. A Texas businessman who ran twice against Bill Clinton

9. His expectations were so low during the 1948 election newspapers incorrectly printed his demise the next day

11. Served as vice president and president without being elected

12. He lost by a landslide in1964 and brought down many GOP members with him

13. Was the first Mormon to be a major party presidential nominee


2. A former California senator and representative who was re-elected only to be disgraced

3. This Naval Academy graduate largely won on his integrity

4. Was crushed by Nixon in 1972

6. This Illinois governor was selected as the 1952 Democratic representative without campaigning

7. He would presumably carry this title if the elections go as planned

10. As the Republican nominee, he selected the first woman as a running mate