Crosswordsearch0721 copy

by T. Anthony Bell

Senior Writer/Special Projects


2. Another name (informal) for second or the number 2

4. Denotes a replacement for someone or something

6. A reserve teacher

8. Initials for a corporation's second in charge

9. The term for an assistant to the chef

10. In the profession of dancing, someone who can replace the top performer when required

13. In sports, minor league baseball is considered second fiddle to this (initials)

14. Acronym for a military officer who is second in charge

15. A sports term for the back-ups to the starters

16. The color associated with second place in the Olympics

17. Someone who is training under a tradesman or other professional

18. In the movie industry, the term for a person who stands in for the main star during a particular scene


1. A metaphor that originated in music and used to describe someone in a subordinate position

2. Someone sworn to accomplish the same duties as a sheriff

3. If you didn't win first place, you are sometimes awarded something as a _______

5. In the profession of acting, a substitute

6. Military units with the number "2" in their name designation often use this phrase to describe their competency and effectiveness

7. The color associated with second place in a 4-H competition

11. If you have never beaten an adversary at anything, he or she might be considered your___________

12. Term for second place in sports

other competitions