Black History


by T. Anthony Bell

Senior Writer/Special Assignments



4. Massive World War II logistics effort to supply troops after D-Day

5. During World War II, the Tuskegee Airmen belonged to this branch of service

6. Former Soldier from Virginia who was the first of his kind elected to statewide office

10. A famous pugilist who refused to serve in the Army during the Vietnam War

11. The Army’s most famous boxer

12. Norfolk native William Carney earned this after rescuing Old Glory during the Civil War

13. First African American to command the 82nd Airborne Division and achieve the rank of four-star general

15. Last name of first person to die during the Boston Massacre

16. Last name of the first African-American general



1. Famous Indian fighters of the American West

2. He fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur and integrated the Armed Forces

3. Soldier who led the Tuskegee Airmen

7. First African-American female Soldier to be held prisoner of war

8. First African-American to graduate from West Point

9. First African-American female to enlist in the Army

14. Last name of quartermaster and Medal of Honor winner