3. Worn by chefs

6. U.S. Army dress uniform hat that preceded the beret

8. Traditionally worn by women but increasingly worn by men

9. Used as hat embellishments

10. Protective headgear

13. Also called a puggaree

14. Worn by Indiana Jones and Dick Tracy

16. This is worn in Punxsutawney on Groundhog Day

17. Associated with Sikhs

18. Hat named after this country

19. The deerstalker was worn by this famous fictional detective

20. They are tossed into the air ceremoniously


1. Native to Mexico

2. Surrounds the body of a hat

4. Smokey Bear wore one of these

5. Used at construction sites

7. A Bat Masterson trademark

11. Famous hat maker

12. Probably native to France

15. Worn by orthodox Jews