FORT LEE, Va. (Feb. 13, 2014) -- ACROSS

1. The name for Air Force special operators who recover personnel and equipment

4. Iconic headgear worn by U.S. Army Special Forces Soldiers (two words)

6. The Green Berets are known as “The ____ Professionals”

7. This is a highly-trained U.S. Army light infantryman

8. Arguably the most celebrated special operators in the modern era

9. Operation Eagle Claw, which took place in this country, exposed weaknesses within the U.S. special operations community

11. Name of a television show about Delta operators (two words)

12. A course that teaches special operators and others how to survive enemy captures (acronym)

14. Highly secret Army special forces unit (two words)


2. U.S. Army Special Forces, SEALs and PJs have this type of training in common

3. The Nightstalkers use these to deliver combatants

5. Name of the SEAL insignia

8. U.S. special forces in the army and navy were patterned after this unit

10. President who was an advocate for U.S. special operations

13. Another term for military free-fall parachuting