FORT LEE, Va. (Aug. 15, 2013) -- ACROSS

4. An oft-used title of one who commands a U.S. Naval ship

5. The organizational element below a group in the Air Force

6. An Air Force unit of organization below a squadron

7. An Army second in charge

8. In Army Special Forces, the operative unit of organization (initials)

12. An Army organizational element that is organized like a brigade but smaller

14. In the Navy, similar to an Army military occupational specialty

15. The term for a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier and its escorts (three words)

16. An enlisted rank/title used in the Army, Marine Corps and Air Force (two words)


1. An Army organizational element typically led by a first or second lieutenant

2. The basic unit of organization in an Army cavalry squadron

3. The head of this Air Force organizational element is typically the installation commander as well

9. What females are called in the Air Force

10. “Commander” is a title in the Army but a rank in the __ __

11. An Army and Marine Corps enlisted rank that shares a name but not pay grade

13. An Army organizational element unique to field artillery and air defense artillery units