Recognizing Civilians

Monica Foxx is a transportation fleet coordinator for The Logistics Company, a contracted organization providing motorpool services at Fort Lee.

Hometown: Petersburg

Position: Transportation fleet coordinator for The Logistics Company, a contracted organization

Place of duty: Transportation Motor Pool

Time in position: 11 years

Duties: “I work in the Maintenance Department. I oversee all (more than 500) government vehicles that go into maintenance. That consists of ensuring preventive maintenance is performed; properly processing vehicle recalls; tracking accidents and vehicle modifications; tracking keys and credit cards; coordinating exchanges and replacements; and teaching the unit transportation coordinator classes, which trains unit personnel how to properly manage vehicles.”

Pastimes: “I like shopping, watching Lifetime (the cable TV channel); and taking trips.”

Worst fear: “Dying painfully.”

Favorite book: “Juanita Bynum’s ‘Don’t Get off the Train.’ It’s a book about resilience and making decisions that don’t necessarily suit you or your interests. I’ve read it over and over, and it’s a book I think that just works for women.”

Your ideal life: “I don’t have to be rich, but I want to be comfortable, happy and I want the people around me to be happy.”

What you most dislike: “Disloyalty.”

Your greatest extravagance: “Buying lots of clothes.”

The talent you would most like to have: “Being able to dance like I used to when I was younger. I love to dance.”

One person you admire: “My mother because she raised my sister and I alone, even though my dad supported us financially. She taught me that it’s OK to depend on others but be independent as well.”

Greatest accomplishment: “My children and grandchildren. They just make me smile every time I think about them.”

The celebrity or historical figure you would like to meet: “I would want to meet (former First Lady) Michelle Obama because she seems to be instilled with so much wisdom, and I think I could learn a lot from her.”

What would surprise most people about you? “That I’m a loner. I think most people see me as jolly, exciting and fun. Outside of the job, it’s not that way. I have one or two friends, and I don’t hang out much.”

What gives you a sense of satisfaction? “When I change my way of thinking – along the lines of improving the things I can do and accepting the things I can’t.”

If you won the lottery … “I would bless a lot of people.”

One life-changing event: “When my mother had quadruple bypass surgery (her second), and they didn’t think she would make it. She is doing well today, but it just rocked my world because what can a girl do without her mother?”

Toughest aspect of your job: “When I have accidents occurring back-to-back or at the same time. Keeping up during moments like that can be overwhelming at times, but I handle it and get the job done.”

What you love about your job: “Everything; especially my work environment. My coworkers are like family, and we support each other as such.”

What would improve the work you do? “A reduction in accidents.”

Where do you see yourself in five years? “I see myself in a more financially secure position.”