The Soldier One Stop on A Avenue is the first stop all permanent-party Army personnel will need to make when reporting to Fort Lee during duty hours. This includes MEDDAC and DENTAC Soldiers. Other services, to include Army recruiters and MEPS cadre, should contact their gaining units for specific instructions.

Soldier One Stop

Bldg. 12010

3312 A Ave.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801-1723

Phone: 804-734-6904

ID-Card Section: 804-734-7394/7347/7348

Fax: 804-734-6986


The One Stop’s staff signs Soldiers in from permanent change of station, leave, starts their financial paperwork, schedules new arrivals for their first appointments and directs them to their new unit.

In addition, the One Stop staff provides service to all active-duty military, family members, retirees and their family members, as well as Department of Defense civilians requiring ID cards for employment. This includes registering eligible personnel in the DEERS system, which gives them access to medical care, the Post Exchange system and the commissary.

Personnel requiring a new ID should bring with them all required supporting documentation, (such as birth certificate, marriage certificate and power of attorney).

In most circumstances, sponsors are required to accompany family members.

Located in Bldg. 12010 on the corner of A Avenue and 34th Street, the One Stop is open for general operations from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (After hours, permanent party should report to the Installation Operations Center, Bldg. 1107, to sign in off leave and receive limited instructions for the next day).

The ID Card Section operates under the following hours:

Monday: Appointments Only; 8 a.m. n 4:30 p.m.

Tuesday: Appointments; 8 a.m. n noon; Walk In; 1 n 3:30 p.m. is the last time for customers to sign in.

Wednesday: Appointments Only; 8 a.m. n 4:30 p.m.

Thursday: Appointments; 8 a.m. n noon; Walk In; 1 n 3:30 p.m. is the last time for customers to sign in.

Friday: Appointments Only; 8 a.m. n 4:30 p.m.

It is suggested anyone requiring a new ID card make an appointment at the numbers listed above as the wait during walk-in days can be up to three hours.


NOTE: For reporting instructions, see “Missions” for school and unit phone numbers.


Fort Lee serves as a mobilization center for Reserve and Guard units from as far away as Illinois. Soldiers who are reporting in as individual fills should report to the Soldier One Stop, Personnel Services, Bldg. 12010, Room 304.