Now that we’re more than a month into the New Year, how’s that workout routine going for you? Here are some tips on how to stay motivated and disciplined to keep that New Year’s resolution.

• If you’ve fallen behind on your fitness resolution this year, it’s never too late to start again. Missing a few days doesn’t mean you can’t return to the same exercise routine. Or try another approach, like a different time of day or different activity. Go with what works best and makes you feel good.

• Set goals for yourself. Make those goals in small increments and make them realistic. Instead of setting the goal to lose 40 pounds this year, try setting a goal to lose two pounds every week. If you start with several small goals, your ultimate goal will eventually be reached.

• Surround yourself with supportive people. That positive feedback is the driving force to keep up the good work. You may even find a workout buddy to get through workouts during those less-motivated days.

• Make it a plan. Establish it into your daily routine, set an appointment and stick to it. Exercising at the same time of day will help with consistency.

• Be patient. Results take time and effort. If you’re sticking to your workout, the results will come. Overall physical results occur about six weeks into the workout. Even better, you’ll start feeling good about yourself immediately.

• Change your workout routine. This goes for the veteran exerciser as well as the novice. Variety helps fight boredom, which is the leading cause to stop working out. This also helps keep the body from reaching a plateau; a change in routine kick-starts the body. Workouts should be fun, so don’t limit yourself to just running on a treadmill. A soccer game or shooting hoops can be just as physical.

• Keep a journal. Seeing the exercise plan on paper and noting how you feel after each workout will keep you energized and motivated to see the end result. Another bonus would be to take a picture of yourself and attach it to the journal to gauge your progress.

• Remember to reward yourself. A little treat at the end of each goal is success. It doesn’t have to be food. Buying a new outfit could be reason enough to reach a goal.