There are multiple commands, units and tenants on Fort Lee such as the U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command, The Defense Commissary Agency, the U.S. Army Quartermaster Center and School, U.S. Army Logistics Management College and the 49th Quartermaster Group.

These commands have a number of subordinate commands and activities on post and there are also some related activities.

In addition, The U.S. Army Garrison, which falls under the Northeast Region Office of the Installation Management Agency, manages the day-to-day operations of the Fort Lee infrastructure and services.

Combined Arms Support Command

3901 A Ave.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801-1809

Web site:

Duty hours: 804-734-1616

After-duty hours: 804-734-1586 (SDO)

The mission of the Combined Arms Support Command is to assist the Training and Doctrine Command commander with developing logistics leaders, doctrine, organizations, training, and materiel solutions to sustain a campaign quality Army with joint and expeditionary capabilities in war and peace.

Defense Commissary Agency

Bldg: P-11200

1300 E Ave.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801-1800

Web site:

Phone: 804-734-8253 or 734-8998

Fax: 804-734-8248

The Defense Commissary Agency operates a worldwide chain of nearly 266 commissaries providing groceries to military personnel, retirees and their families in a safe and secure shopping environment.

Commissaries originated in 1825, when the Army began selling goods to officers, at cost, for subsistence warehouses, to provide a convenient, low-cost alternative to buying from civilian merchants. Enlisted men became entitled to make such purchases in 1867. Thereafter, commissary sales took place at every Army post.

After 1909, each service developed its own commissary system. In 1991 the services’ independent commissary systems were all consolidated into one agency and DeCA assumed full direction and control of all military commissaries. Today, commissaries are considered a cornerstone of the military's quality of life for nearly 12 million authorized commissary patrons around the globe.

Whether stationed in a high cost-of-living urban area in the United States or at an isolated post overseas, military families are able to afford that "taste of home" by buying their favorite foods at affordable prices. Shoppers save an average of 30 percent or more on their purchases compared to commercial prices n savings worth more than $2,700 annually for a family of four. Authorized patrons purchase items at cost plus a 5-percent surcharge, which covers the costs of building new commissaries and modernizing existing ones.

All commissaries in the United States and its territories accept food stamps and Women, Infants, and Children vouchers. Nearly all of the commissaries overseas accept WIC vouchers.

DeCA continues to make a concerted effort to bring outstanding quality produce to every store, inform young active duty service members of the benefits of commissary shopping, and use effective two-way communication to respond to customer needs.

A core military family support element, and a valued part of military pay and benefits, commissaries contribute to family readiness, enhance the quality of life for America’s military and their families, and help recruit and retain the best and brightest men and women to serve their country.

For more information go to the commissary Web site at, where a wealth of detailed information is available regarding the agency and each of its stores around the world.

U.S. Army Quartermaster Center and School

Bldg: 5000

1201 22d St.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801

Web site:

Fax: 804-734-3174

Duty Hours: 804-734-3683

After Hours: 804-734-5647

The U.S. Army Quartermaster Center & School is the headquarters of the Quartermaster Corps and the Regimental home of all Quartermasters.

More than 121,000 Active Army, Army Reserve, and National Guard Soldiers throughout the world are affiliated with the USAQMC&S.

The primary mission of the USAQMC&S is to provide Quartermaster proponent training and professional development to military personnel of the active Army and reserve components, members of other branches of the armed forces, civilians, and personnel of allied countries.

The resident and non-resident training provided by this institution is focused on the Quartermaster functions necessary to sustain the armed forces in peacetime and at war.

The USAQMC&S serves as the focal point for the development of the Quartermaster doctrine, training, leader development, organizations, and materiel requirements needed throughout the force structure.

Nine enlisted specialties, five warrant officer specialties and three officer specialties are trained at Fort Lee.

USAQMC&S is a part of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, headquartered at Fort Monroe.

Today the school has a staff of more than 900 military and civilian personnel.

In its resident programs, the USAQMC&S will train more than 25,000 military and civilian personnel in fiscal year 2006.

Supply courses include the principles of supply; operation of standard Army management information systems; data processing; management of automated and manual property and equipment accounting records; receipt, issue, storage, and distribution of supplies; as well as unit armorer training.

The Army Center of Excellence, Subsistence manages the worldwide food program, including the development of concepts, systems and policy. The center administers the DA Connelly program for Excellence in Food Service and the Army Culinary Arts Program. The Center conducts joint food service training for the Army and Marine Corps, as well as advanced culinary training for all of the services.

Petroleum courses include petroleum handling, storage, distribution, petroleum equipment and pipeline operations, advanced petroleum operations planning, terminal management, laboratory testing, and quality surveillance.

Water courses provide training in water purification, storage, distribution, and equipment operations.

Field services are taught in several courses. Aerial delivery, fabric repair, and shower and laundry are classified as field services. Aerial delivery training includes instruction in the rigging and maintaining of aerial delivery equipment, packing of personnel and cargo parachutes, and sling load operations. Fabric Repair teaches skills in alteration, fabrication and repair of clothing and textiles using a variety of sewing machines. Shower and Laundry covers the operation of the field shower and laundry systems.

Mortuary Affairs, formerly titled Graves Registration, has been a quartermaster mission since the Civil War. Training in the specialty is provided by the Mortuary Affairs Center and includes instruction in the areas of search, recovery and evacuation of human remains; tentative identification and disposition of the remains; and the disposition of their personal effects. Unlike historic training in this area, great emphasis is now placed on the forensics aspects of the process.

The USAQMC&S has been an accredited institution under the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools since 1975.

23rd Quartermaster Brigade

Bldg. 3327

1410 B Ave.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801

Web site:

Phone: 804-734-4644

Staff Duty (after hours only): 804-734-5647

Fax: 734-3822

The 23d Quartermaster Brigade has provided 70 years of exemplary support since constituting as the 23d Quartermaster Truck Regiment (Truck Corps) on May 1, 1936.

The brigade consists of three battalions and The Fort Lee Marine Corps Detachment.

The average brigade student strength is 4,500 military members who are undergoing training in nine Military Occupational Specialties, two warrant officer training programs, international students, the QM Officer Basic Course, and the brigade cadre.

The brigade transitions Soldiers from basic combat training into the advanced individual training environment and graduates technically and tactically competent Quartermaster Soldiers and Marines.

The brigade ensures that its permanent party Soldiers are technically, tactically, and administratively prepared for worldwide deployment.

It also provides administrative and logistical support to the QMC&S and the Fort Lee community.

The capstone training event for all Soldiers, noncommissioned officers, and officers is participation in a four-day, multi-echelon field training exercise scenario, “Log Warrior,” with battle focus on military occupational specialty and survivability skill reinforcement training.

This exercise is a major highlight to complement their classroom experience.

244th Quartermaster Battalion

Bldg. 3324

3324 B Ave.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801

Staff Duty: 804-734-7466 or 765- 3500

Fax: 765-3490

Headquarters and Headquarters Company

Administrative and Cadre


Company A

Automated Logistics (92A)


Company G

Automated Logistics (92A)


Company E (Officer Students)

U.S. Students: 804-734-3244

Foreign Military: 804-734-3955

Company M

Unit Supply (92Y)


Company W

Automated Logistics (92A)


The 244th Quartermaster Battalion provides command and control to one permanent party unit of training cadre and four advanced individual training companies (A, G, M and W) and Company E, officer students.

The Headquarters and Headquarters Company provides command and control for more than 200 permanent-party personnel including cadre and instructors of the Logistics Training Department.

The Soldiers of companies A, G, and W receive MOS (92A) training as Automated Logistics Specialists that includes a demanding program of instruction in the use of automated logistics systems.

The Soldiers of Company M receive MOS (92Y) training as Unit Supply Specialists that includes teaching the manual Unit Supply System, maintenance of organizational weapons, and unit armor responsibility and security of the Arms Room.

Company E, the Student Officer Company for QMC&S, provides command and control to all officers receiving training at the QM school.

Additionally, Company E houses the International Military Student Office. This office provides support to all international students attending courses at the QMC&S.

These students represent up to 147 different countries and train with their U.S. counterparts in all logistics courses offered at the school.

262d Quartermaster Battalion Headquarters

Bldg. 3102

820 11th St.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801-1504

Phone: 804-734-7849 or DSN 687-7849

Staff Duty: 804-765-3630 (Co-located with Company U CQ in Bldg 3000)

Headquarters Company


Administrative and Cadre

Company C


Parachute rigging (92R), fabric repair, laundry and shower operations (92S), and mortuary affairs (92M)

Company R


Petroleum Supply (92F), Petroleum Laboratory Technician (92L), and Water Supply (92W)

Company U


Petroleum Supply (92F), Petroleum Laboratory Technician (92L), and Water Supply (92W)

Company V


Petroleum Supply (92F), Petroleum Laboratory Technician (92L), and Water Supply (92W)

The 262d Quartermaster Battalion trains and provides support to the Soldiers of four Advanced Individual Training companies (C, R, U and V) and one company with a special mission (Headquarters and Headquarters Company).

The Headquarters and Headquarters Company is responsible for providing quality administrative, training and teaching support for all AIT Soldiers assigned or attached to the battalion. 

The company also supports all permanent party Soldiers assigned to the headquarters, battalion staff and training departments (Aerial Delivery and Field Services, Mortuary Affairs, and Petroleum and Water Operations).

Company C is responsible for Soldiers training in the military occupational specialties for parachute rigging, fabric repair, laundry and shower operations and mortuary affairs.

Companies R, U and V are responsible for Soldiers training for petroleum supply, petroleum laboratory technician and water supply operations MOSs.

266th Quartermaster Battalion

Bldg. 3127

901 13th St.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801

Phone: 804-765-3337

Fax: 804-765-3328

Staff Duty (Also Company T CQ): 804-734-6533

Headquarters Company

Administrative and Cadre


Company B


Food Service Specialists (92G)

Company I


MOS Transition (MOS-T) training

Company P


Unit Supply Specialists (92Y)

Company T


Food Service Specialists (92G)

The 266th Quartermaster Battalion is responsible for training all active and reserve component food service enlisted personnel and some of the Unit Supply Specialist enlisted personnel for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. The Army Center of Excellence, Subsistence, the battalion’s training department, teaches a food service overview to officers attending the Officer Basic Course, Combined Arms Logistics Captain’s Career Course Phase II, Reserve Component Officer Advanced Course, and the Supply and Services Management Officer Career Course.

ACES teaches Food Service Technician (MOS 922 A) technical phase of the Warrant Officer Basic, Warrant Officer Advanced for both active and Reserves Components. In addition, ACES teaches Food Service Management to senior noncommissioned officers, an Advanced Culinary Arts Course to select noncommissioned officers in the field, and the General’s Enlisted Aid Program to participants to the Culinary World Olympic and the World Cup competition for selected Soldiers.

The “Providers” battalion includes a Headquarters and Headquarters Company, three AIT Companies, B, P, and T, as well as one MOS-Transition Company.

HHC Provides command, control, and support to the permanent-party Soldiers of the battalion staff and the Army Center of Excellence, Subsistence. 

Company I is responsible for Soldiers attending MOS Transition (MOS-T) training in all nine MOSs taught at the QMC&S and enlisted Soldiers attending functional courses at Fort Lee.

There are more than 170 permanent-party Soldiers assigned to the “Providers” Battalion, training up to 4,100 Soldiers and Marines annually.

The U.S. Marine Corps Detachment

Bldg. 9302

2001 31st St

Fort Lee, Va. 23801-1726

Phone: 804-734-7945/7720/6831/6315/7974/6033/7926/6320/7941

Fax: 804-734-6316

Web site:

The U.S. Marine Corps Detachment at Fort Lee provides leadership and administrative support to Marine Corps personnel attending inter-service schools within the U.S. Army Quartermaster Center and School and those attending professional military education at the Army Logistics Management College. 

The detachment's permanent personnel are responsible for the primary military occupational specialty training of entry-level Marines annually in the fields of Parachute Rigger, Personnel Retrieval and Processing Specialist/Technician, Food Service Specialist, and Bulk Fuel Specialist, and the Combined Logistics Captains Career Course. 

The detachment also conducts Marine Corps-specific intermediate- and advanced-level training for noncommissioned officers, senior noncommissioned officers, and officers in the Food Services and Bulk Fuel disciplines at Fort Lee.

Inbound personnel should report the Detachment Headquarters. 

Noncommissioned Officer Academy

Bldg. 2300

711 B Ave.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801

Web site:

Lodging: 804-734-6737

NCOA Operations: 804-765-2419/1941

Fax: 804-734-2464

BNCOC Operations: 804-734-7065

Fax: 804-734-7068

ANCOC Operations: 804-765-3025

Fax: 804-765-3015


The Quartermaster Noncommissioned Officer Academy was established in February 1987. It is completely operated by Noncommissioned Officers. Its mission is to provide and reinforce basic and advanced leadership skills for junior and senior noncommissioned officers in the ranks of sergeant thru sergeant first class. BNCOC consists of two phases, Common Core (Phase I) and MOS-specific Technical Training (Phase II). The ANCOC course consists of MOS-specific Technical Training.

The QM NCO Academy has a command sergeant major for a commandant, a deputy commandant, and two master sergeants who serve as the branch chiefs for the Basic and Advanced Courses. The Academy trains nine BNCOC and ANCOC military occupational specialties. The student load averages 1,500 BNCOC students and 1,000 ANCOC students per year.

The academy training facility consists of 38 classrooms, one automation laboratory, a technical library, an auditorium with a seating capacity of 249, and an administrative area.

Students are housed in on-and off-post lodging.

Detailed information about reporting procedures, welcome letters, students’ guide, pre-attendance checklist, billeting and meals can be accessed on the above NCOA homepage.

49th Quartermaster Group

Bldg. 9305

330 B Ave.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801

Web site:

Phone: 804 734-6037

Fax: 804-734-7871

Staff Duty: 804-734-7464

Fax: 804-734-7130

The 49th QM Group was reactivated on June 4, 1993 as the only active-duty petroleum and water group headquarters in the active Army. It is a Forces Command unit and consists of a Headquarters company with one battalion and a Quartermaster Detachment. The group headquarters and the headquarters company are located on B Avenue between Mahone Ave and 34th Street.

As the primary petroleum and water headquarters, the 49th Quartermaster Group can deploy a task force of active and reserve petroleum supply and transportation battalions overseas in support of joint/combined wartime or operations other than war.

Due to their unique mission capabilities, units of the 49th QM Group have been called up to support U.S. forces in Haiti, Oklahoma City, Honduras, Bosnia, Afghanistan and several other locations.

They also participated in missions such as Bright Star (Egypt,) Roving Sands (Texas,) and Hubu-Sakusem (Japan.)  CTC Rotations (JRTC & NIC,) ULCHI Focus Lens (Korea,) Lucky Sentinel (Kuwait, Qatar), Joint Task Force Katrina (Louisiana) and Joint Task Force Rita (Mississippi).

Currently more than 90 percent of the unit has served in direct support of Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle. Units of the 49th Quartermaster Group are frequently called to support operations all over the world. Throughout the year the task organizations and structure of the 49th Quartermaster Group will continue to be in a state of change as it task organizes to support the Global War on Terrorism. 

3rd Quartermaster Detachment

The 3rd QM Det. is a Quartermaster liaison team (Petroleum), providing and coordinating bulk petroleum support between U.S. forces, allied forces, host nations, and the petroleum group. The 3rd Quartermaster Detachment returned in September 2006 from a two yearlong deployment in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

240th Quartermaster Battalion

Bldg. 8536

3300 B Ave.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801

Daytime: 804-765-3154

After hours: 804-734-7464

Fax: 804-765-3166 or 765-3540


Family Readiness Group E-mail:

FRG Web site:

Headquarters Company (804) 734-6127

58th QM Company (804) 734-6765

109th QM Company (804) 734-6441

267th QM Company (804) 734-6133

111th QM Company (804) 734-7325

54th QM Company (804) 734-6931

148th QM Company (804) 734-6127

The 240th Quartermaster Battalion, one of two active-duty Pipeline and Terminal Operating Battalions, is responsible for seven active companies: a headquarters company, two pipelines and terminal operating companies (109th and 267th,), two mortuary affairs companies (54th and 111th), and two petroleum supply company (58th and 148th).

The battalion headquarters is located on B Avenue, between 27th Street and Mahone Avenue.

The 240th's mission is to provide command, administrative, technical, and operational supervision for the operation and maintenance of a military bulk petroleum storage and distribution system.

The Soldiers of the 240th QM BN have participated in many missions to include JLOTs, QLLEX, JTF6, and Brightstar. Currently, the 240th QM BN has Soldiers deployed all over the world in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

  530th Combat Support Sustainment Battalion

Bldg. 9203

Mahone Avenue

Fort Lee, Va. 23801


530th Command Group 765-3155

530th HHC (804) 734-6898

111th QM Company (804) 734-7325

506th QM Company (804) 765-3510

16th QM Company (804) 765-3910

108th QM Company (804) 734-4447

The 530th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion is a multifunctional logistic battalion. The 530th CSSB is located on Mahone Avenue between B Avenue and Division Road. The Battalion provides command and control of assigned and attached units and distribution management assets for, conducting logistics (supply, maintenance, transportation and services) support. It supports customers by providing or coordinating to provide all classes of supply, maintenance and services to Support Brigades and reinforcing support to Brigade Combat Team’s as directed by the Sustainment Higher Headquarters. The Battalion is capable of accepting multiple types of logistical units from all compos (USAR, ARNG and AC). The following companies are peacetime aligned under the 530th: the 111th Quartermaster Company providing Mortuary Affairs, the 506th Quartermaster Company providing field service assets to subordinate units such as petroleum, water, food, supply, laundry and bath, the 16th Quartermaster Company provides clothing repair along with shower and laundry services, 108th Quartermaster Company provides petroleum supply of bulk fuel storage. These units deploy world wide to support the Army’s requirements.

Installation Management Agency

U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Lee

Web site:

Duty hours: 804-734-7188

After hours: 804-734-1584

The U.S. Army Garrison manages the multitude of installation functions and services that keep the U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command and Fort Lee community operating so that organizations and activities may concentrate on their primary missions.

The garrison activities function fully under the Northeast Region of the Installation Management Agency. IMA was created to run installation support on a global level.

The garrison staff offices are committed to providing essential base operations support and services to the Fort Lee community, and providing quality of life support to all Fort Lee personnel, their families, and to retired service members and their families who live in the surrounding area.

The garrison consists of a command element, the Directorates of Emergency Services; Public Works and Logistics; Human Resources/Adjutant General; Information Management; Morale Welfare & Recreation; and Plans, Training, Mobilization & Security.

Special staffs which function under USAG are the Installation Chaplain, Equal Employment Opportunity, Public Affairs, Garrison Resource Management, Installation Safety Office, Plans Analysis & Integration, the Internal Review and Audit Compliance Office and the Fort Lee Army Band.

Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization & Security

The Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization & Security provides support to Fort Lee in the areas of Contingency Planning and Emergency Management, Force Protection, Antiterrorism Program, Mobilization Planning & Execution, Training Support, and Personnel/Information Security.

The DPTMS also provides oversight of the 392d Army Band (known as “The Fort Lee Army Band”) and operates the Installation Operations Center.

Some other primary functions provided are: Range & Training Area Control; Ceremony Planning and Support; security clearance updates; Training Aids & Devices loans; and Central Tasking Office for internal installation support requirements and external requirements in support of IMA, TRADOC and FORSCOM operations.

The IOC is operational around the clock, every day providing information regarding Installation Force Protection, Weather Updates, and serves as the focal point for emergency operations at 734-1584 or e-mail:

To reduce non-essential calls and call waiting, during emergencies or periods of adverse weather, check the Fort Lee Web site: for operational information before attempting to call the IOC or the MP Desk.

In-processing personnel and those requiring security clearance information should coordinate a visit to the DPTMS Security Office through their Unit Security Manager or contact the Security Administrative Assistant at 734-6414.

Training on Fort Ranges requires completion of the Range Certification Course. Contact Range Control at 734-2075 for specific information.

The schedule for the Fort Lee Army Band may be found at their Web site:

Come join them in their mission as Fort Lee’s Ambassadors of Military Music.

Information Management Directorate

Bldg 8045

2701 C Ave.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801-1719

Phone: 804-734-7302

Fax: 804-734-7620

The Directorate of Information Management is the focal point for all information technology requirements for the installation. The DOIM coordinates and directs information technology for the command to include automation, telecommunications, information assurance, and audiovisual support.

As a service to the Fort Lee community, the DOIM is responsible for the day-to-day operation of a fixed-site video teleconferencing center, photography studio, self-help graphic arts services, video production, loan of media equipment support services and operation, maintenance and security of the installation’s voice and data networks. It also provides systems administration and management support for Land Mobile Radios (non tactical) and frequency management. It is the focus for the Common Access Card (CAC) pin reset, assignment of Terminal Server Access Controller Systems (TSACS) passwords, as well as, the procurement of information technology requirements for the command.

Army Logistics Management College

Bldg. 12500

Fort Lee, Va. 23801

Web site:

ALMC Staff duty: 804-765-4160

Lodging: 804-734-6694 or 734-6698

The U.S. Army Logistics Management College provides instruction to more than 30,000 students yearly. These students range from noncommissioned officers to general officers and from civilian career interns to executive-level civilians. The college’s two schools offer specialized instruction that encompass the full life cycle of materiel.

The School of Systems and Acquisition Management offers instruction in military applications of operations research and management science, Army acquisition management, and contracting policy and procedures as applied to defense problems. Also available are special topic seminars and continuing education courses on a broad range of subject areas.

The School of Logistics Science conducts education, training, research, doctrine and consulting programs across the logistics continuum (strategic, operational and tactical levels). Areas of concentration include logistics leader/career development, sustainment logistics, installation logistics, joint/multinational logistics, and multifunctional logistics.

ALMC serves not only the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, but also the U.S. Army Materiel Command, the Army Forces Command, U.S. Army Europe, and other Army elements, as well as the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Defense Logistics Agency, other government agencies, and allied nations.

ALMC uses various modes of instruction, either singly or in combination, including resident, on-site, correspondence, Internet, accredited off-campus (customers and instructors trained by ALMC), live TV via satellite, and student self-paced involving the use of learning centers, and contract augmentation. The TRADOC Satellite Education Network, which has two broadcast studios, is collocated with ALMC.

ALMC provides information services on Army and defense logistics; provides consultant services on logistics management and operations research; is the home of the bi-monthly “Army Logistician” professional bulletin; and is the official logistics library of the Army.

As Fort Lee transforms into the Army’s Sustainment Center of Excellence, the ALMC campus will see transformation into the Army’s Logistics University, housing not only ALMC, but logistics leadership education for NCOs, warrant officers, and logistics officers.

U. S. Army Force Management Support Agency

Bldg. 12400

700 Quarters RD.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801

Phone: 804 -765-0725

The U.S. Army Force Management Support Agency’s mission is to provide documentation for the Army’s manpower and equipment requirements and authorizations, using an integrated process. This Agency also provides support, analysis, and discipline for the Army’s personnel, materiel, resource, and force management plans and decisions.

USAFMSA manages the documentation of more than ten thousand units in the Army, with over 1.6 million military and civilian personnel, and more than five million items of equipment. These documents are the basis for organizing, equipping, and manning the force and serve as the standard against which all unit readiness is measured. They play a critical role in supporting leadership decisions to transform and shape the Army.

USAFMSA is a split based operation with offices located in the Pentagon and Forts Belvoir, Leavenworth, and Lee. Fort Lee USAFMSA provides documentation for Ordnance, Quartermaster, Transportation, Multifunctional Logistics, and manages the Army’s Manpower Requirements Criteria Program.

Project Manager, Logistics Information Systems

Bldg. 5100

800 Lee Ave.

 Fort Lee, Va. 23801

Web site:

 Phone: 804-734-7665

The Project Manager, Logistics Information Systems is the Army’s board-select project manager responsible for the design, development, integration, testing, fielding, and sustainment of the Army’s major retail/tactical automated logistics management systems.  PM LIS reports to the Program Executive Officer, Enterprise Information Systems located at Fort Belvoir. 

The major system acquisition programs currently assigned to PM LIS are:

          * Movement Tracking System (MTS)

          * Standard Army Ammunition System (SAAS)

          * Standard Army Maintenance System (SAMS)

          * Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS)

          * Standard Property Book System-Redesign (SPBS-R)

          * Unit Level Logistics System (ULLS)

          * Property Book/Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE)

          * Financial Management Tactical Platform (FMTP)

          * Joint Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support (JCALS)

Product Manager, Enterprise Logistics Systems

13203 North Enon Church Road

Suite 100

Chester, Va. 23836

Web site:

 Phone: 804-706-9756

The Product Manager Enterprise Logistics System is responsible for developing and fielding the tactical enterprise resource planning implementation of the Global Combat Support System n Army (Field/Tactical) - GCSS-Army (F/T). GCSS-Army (F/T) is the primary tactical logistics enabler & combat multiplier to achieve Army Transformation & the Logistics Combat Support/Combat Service Support (CS/CSS) Transformation Vision for the Logistics Domain.

Once completed, the GCSS-Army (F/T), which replaces the legacy STAMIS systems, will integrate/interface with applicable command and control and joint systems and allow continuous logistics management. As the tactical component of the Single Army Logistics Enterprise (SALE), GCSS-Army (F/T) will provide the Army's Combat Support/Combat Service Support (CS/CSS) warfighter with a seamless flow of timely, accurate, accessible and secure information management.  The GCSS-Army (F/T) Capabilities Development Document (CDD) requires an enterprise solution that integrates functionality from the various software baselines of the following STAMIS systems:

* Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS)

* Standard Army Ammunition System (SAAS)

* Standard Army Maintenance System (SAMS)

* Unit Level Logistics System (ULLS)

Gerow U.S. Army Reserve Center

AFRC-TAVA.-SC Bldg. 12402

2501 Mahone Ave.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801-1700

300 Area Support Group

804 - 765-4844

1st-319th Infantry Regiment

804 - 765-4855

429th Quartermaster Battalion

804 - 765-4842

374th Finance Detachment

804 - 765-4862

1074th DRU

804 - 765-3000

The General Leonard T. Gerow U.S. Army Reserve Center, named for a native of nearby Petersburg and a hero of World War II, is one of several USAR centers and facilities belonging to the 99th Regional Support Command, headquartered in Oakdale, Pa.

The Gerow Center is commanded by a colonel who also commands the 300th Support Group (area), the center's largest unit.

Other tenant units include the 429th Quartermaster Battalion, the 1st of the 319th Regiment 7th Bde, 80th Division (Training), the 9th Logistical Camp, the 374th Finance Detachment # 3, and the 1074th Field Depot.

Men and women from the surrounding communities are members of these units.

TRADOC Analysis Center

Bldg. 1109

401 First Street

Fort Lee, Va. 23801

Web site:

Phone: 804 - 765-1823 or 765-1822

TRAC-LEE is a separate analytical organization that provides logistics analytical and computer modeling/simulation support for TRADOC, the Combined Arms Support Command, TRADOC schools, and the TRADOC battle labs.

TRAC-LEE is organized into three divisions. These comprise civilian and military operations research analysts.

TRAC-LEE’s main thrust is conducting Combat Service Support analyses and integrating them with Combined Arms analysis. This includes exercising computer simulations, logistics models, and other techniques for analysis; conducting Logistics Impact Analyses, Manpower/Personnel Analyses, and other studies in support of the AR 5-5 Study Program; and providing quality assurance of other studies.

U.S. Army Software Engineering Center n Fort Lee

Bldg. 10500

3901 A Ave., Suite 150

Fort Lee, Va. 23801

Web site:

Phone: 804 - 734-2815 (24 nhours)

The C-E LCMC Software Engineering Center Lee’s mission is to provide Information Technology services to customers throughout the Army and DoD. The services provided include software development, project management through all phases of system life-cycle, application hosting, data mining and business intelligence, system deployment, and field user training and support. Current customers include: the Product Manager, Logistics Information Systems; the Office of the Chief of Staff for Installation Management; the Army Contracting Agency; and the Defense Commissary Agency.

The Center is located in Building 10500 on A Avenue. The Center’s entrance is on the backside of the building, facing B Avenue.

Logistics Exercise and Simulation Directorate

Bldg 1109

401 1st St., Suite 301,

Fort Lee, Va. 23801-1511

Phone: 804-765-1789

Fax: 804-765-1648

The Logistics Exercise and Simulation Directorate is part of the National Simulation Center based at Fort Leavenworth, KS. 

LESD provides combat service support simulation training support to the BCTP, CSSTP, Combatant Commander, Reserve Component, and FORSCOM exercises. Also serves as the combat developer for logistics in all army constructive simulations.

Military Entrance Processing Station

2011 Mahone Ave.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801-1707

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A state of the art, purpose-built facility, the Fort Lee Military Entrance Processing Station opened its doors in November 2004.

The Fort Lee MEPS is one of a network of 65 MEPS located nationwide and in Puerto Rico. The U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command is the vital link between recruiting and training today’s Armed Forces. The command’s motto, “Freedom’s Front Door,” symbolizes the command’s mission of determining the physical, mental, and moral qualifications of every member of the armed services. There is no other door. Knocking on and walking through “Freedom’s Front Door” isn’t easy. While the door is open to everyone, only qualified applicants succeed. Thousands of new service members proudly walk through that door each year to fill the ranks of our nation’s Armed Forces.

A separate Department of Defense agency, USMEPCOM is comprised of two geographical sectors and staffed with personnel from all military services.

The mission of USMEPCOM and the Fort Lee MEPS is to process individuals for enlistment or induction into the armed services, based on DoD-approved peacetime and mobilization standards.

Civilian Personnel Advisory Center

Bldg. 12400

700 Quarters Rd.

Fort Lee, Va. 23801

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The Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, more commonly referred to as CPAC, provides personnel administration services to all Army organizations located on Fort Lee.

Personnel administrative services are available for supervisors and employees, both appropriated fund and non-appropriated fund.

Civilian Employees perform many essential services and are part of the integrated military-civilian team at Fort Lee.

Employment practices are based solely on merit and qualifications without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or any other non-merit factors. HR Advisory services for appropriated and non-appropriated fund programs such as recruitment, internal placement, wage and compensation entitlements, training, awards and all other personnel administration issues are provided by the staff.  

HR Advisory services are available to all current employees and managers.

            Job Announcements for Appropriated Fund and Non-Appropriated Fund positions are available on line at Applicants for Appropriated fund vacancies must apply on-line.  Applicants for Non-Appropriated Fund vacancies submit their applications directly to the Ft Lee CPAC Office. 

The Job Information Center is open MondaynFriday, 8 am-4 p.m.