The following Web sites provide excellent details for building a disaster supply kit, preparing your home for high winds and possible flooding, and knowing what to do with pets in the event of evacuation.

Stay on top of developing situations by monitoring local and national media.

Local Television Station Web sites:

Local Radio Stations:

WRVA 1140 AM


WVVB 1380 AM


WRVQ 94.5 FM

WKHK 95.3 FM

WMXB 103.7 FM

WKLR 96.5 FM

Storm Tracking info may be found at:

The National Weather Service (

The Weather Channel (

Hurricane and Storm Tracking (

Remember: A hurricane watch is issued for a coastal area when there is a threat of hurricane conditions with 24-36 hours. A hurricane warning is issued when hurricane conditions are expected in a specified coastal area in 24 hours or less. Hurricane conditions include winds of 74 miles an hour (64 knots) and/or dangerously high tides and waves. Actions for protection of life and property should begin immediately when the warning is issued. Flash Flood Watch means a flash flood is possible in the area; stay alert. Flash Flood Warning means a flash flood is imminent; take immediate action.

Proper awareness and preparation is critical for each of us in the event of adverse weather of any sort.