FORT LEE, Va. (April 29, 2010) – In an attempt to spice up its typical Army physical fitness training, one platoon at Kenner Army Health Clinic is trying out a new routine.

Members of the 2nd Platoon have started the P-90X program three days a week, said Staff Sgt. Robert Kintchen, KAHC Primary Care Clinic health care specialist.

“P-90X is similar to other training programs you’ve heard of,” Kintchen said. “It’s geared more toward body shaping and sculpting and muscle endurance. You get some cardio, but it’s not extreme on the cardio phase.”

Taking a break from the typical Army PT program is one of the main goals of the new routine, Kintchen said.

“I wanted to implement it to get a variation to our PT schedule to get away from the same old push-up, sit-up, and two-to-three mile run,” said Kintchen. “The Soldiers wanted something different. They wanted to get away from the (typical) program … ‘All we do is pushups, sit-ups and flutter kicks for an hour and it’s boring.’”

The platoon is changing up the program a bit to ensure the Soldiers still pack on the miles to stay prepared for the Army Physical Fitness Test.

“As Soldiers, we still have to run,” said Kintchen. “(P-90X) is a seven-day program, but two of the days are yoga and stretching, so the meat of it is five days. We’re going break that down to three days and run two days. It’ll stretch us out past the 90 days it typically takes to complete the program.”

Kintchen said he believes the program will help all the Soldiers increase their fitness.

“The P-90X can bring another level of fitness for the Soldier,” he said. “Physical Fitness is just a part of it. Even though the P-90X isn’t made for us, it’s tailored for what we have to do when we go downrange.”

While the program adds diversity to their workout schedule, Kintchen said his goal is for his platoon to have a 100-percent pass rate for the PT test, and for each individual to be healthy and set and meet their own personal goals with the program.

Pfc. Ashley Hernandez, KAHC Troop Medical Clinic healthcare specialist, said her personal goal is to lose weight, to tone up and to return to maxing her PT score. She said she thinks the program can help her do that.

“I think the program is great,” said Hernandez. “It takes a lot of self-motivation, but I enjoy it.”

Another Soldier in the platoon, Pfc. Gabriel Van Buren, KAHC Primary Care Clinic health care specialist, is also looking forward to developing his abdominal muscles and improving his PT regimen.

“I think it’s a pretty good program because it’s so challenging,” he said. “It gives you something to work toward.”

While it’s part of the 2nd Platoon’s PT cycle, Kintchen said all members of KAHC are invited to participate. He also said he encourages other units to give it a try.

“I hope it’s allowed to go Army-wide eventually,” he said. “I’m fortunate to have a chain of command that allows it, as it’s a little bit outside of what we normally do in the Army. If other chains of command give it a chance and see that it works, I think it will benefit our Soldiers.”