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8 a.m. -- The duty day is officially starting for many members of the Fort Lee community. Students are going to school and the support services are in full swing. Many children are on their way to school or checked into the child development centers as well. Read more

Noon -- Ceremonies and lunch are the top priority for the noon hour. On this particular day, the Petroleum and Water Department recognized Spc. Trevor Win'E for his sacrifice and dedicated their updated Fire Suppression Training facility to him. A Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony also took pla… Read more

7 a.m. -- During this hour, military members in training are finishing up breakfast and getting ready to attend classes. Many civilians are arriving to work, and families are seeing their children off to school. Read more

9 a.m. -- The installation is bustling by now. Training is going full-force, most civilians are at their places of duty and most children are at school or playing the the child development centers.  Read more