CASCOM’s NCO Professional Development Day training event here Tuesday started with an early morning motivational run. Noncommissioned officers representing the Ordnance, Quartermaster and Transportation Schools, the Army Logistics University and its NCO Academy, and Fort Lee’s garrison and tenant organizations, mustered in Williams Stadium where Command Sgt. Maj. Michael J. Perry, CASCOM CSM, offered welcoming remarks to set the tone for the day. The branch Regimental CSMs then accompanied Perry as he led the massive formation out onto B Avenue for the 3.8-mile run (pictured right is CSM Perry Williamson, 59th Ord. Brigade CSM, leading the Ord School troops). In closing remarks back at the stadium, the senior enlisted leaders (Perry is pictured on the cover and CSM Vickie Culp, Trans. RCSM, is pictured right) drove home the Army’s combat readiness message, emphasizing what it would require from those assembled. Using the event as an example, Perry said those not on profile or recovering from an injury had no excuse if they “fell out of” the moderately paced run. “What you’re doing is exhibiting tiny-heart syndrome,” he noted. “You get in your mind (that you’ll only do what’s) comfortable. Well guess what, being a noncommissioned officer – a sergeant in this Army – is not about comfort. That’s what we need to understand. … If you’re not giving your all, then you need to check yourself (and figure out) how to get after it and start doing the things those stripes, chevrons and rockers represent.” CSM Sean Rice, the Quartermaster RCSM, used a drill and ceremony expression to frame part of his remarks. “The one fundamental thing we need to do is dress it right and cover down,” he said. “When you’re dressing it right, you’re saying ‘hey battle, we’ll be doing this together, and when you’re covering down, you’re saying ‘I got you; if you’re down I’ve got your back.’” CSM Terry Burton, Ord. RCSM, underscored the importance or working together because the Army’s reputation is shaped by the “collective force of its professional war-fighters.” The Transportation CSM rounded out the comments with an observation about individual character, noting how those in formation should exemplify superior performance every day. The training day continued with professional development sessions in the Lee Theater and an NCO social event that afternoon in the TenStrike Bowling Center.