Maj. Gen. Rodney D. Fogg, CASCOM and Fort Lee commanding general, answers a resident’s question

Maj. Gen. Rodney D. Fogg, CASCOM and Fort Lee commanding general, answers a resident’s question during the fourth quarterly Housing Town Hall at Memorial Chapel Nov. 14., 2019. Col. Hollie J. Martin, garrison commander, and Command Sgt. Maj. James House, garrison CSM, also answered questions during the meeting where leadership and Hunt representatives updated attendees about the ongoing actions to improve housing on the installation.

Details of the Jackson Circle renovation project and continued emphasis of the command’s goal to make Fort Lee “the best place to live on the planet” – in the words of Col. Hollie J. Martin, garrison commander – were among the discussed topics at the resident town hall here Monday evening.

The session was conducted virtually in compliance with social distancing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. About 100 residents viewed the live broadcast that included opening remarks from Maj. Gen. Rodney D. Fogg, CASCOM and Fort Lee commanding general.

“One thing I want to say up front is housing remains an absolute priority even though most of our focus of late has been on … combatting COVID-19,” Fogg emphasized. “We want to make sure we’re doing all the right things in the housing arena to the best of our abilities and (despite the latest circumstances). We need to hold ourselves and the Army responsible for housing, and I hold myself and the chain of command here accountable.”

Both Fogg and Martin reiterated the importance of work order submission, tracking and rating through Hunt Military Community’s “RentCafe” app. With routine maintenance work in housing on hold in conjunction with social distancing safeguards, residents need to be sure that their home repair needs are appropriately logged and prioritized, which is easily accomplished with the online tool.

Martin also discussed the game plan for making military families “ecstatic” about coming to Fort Lee. The command is seeking perfect scores in the areas of overall customer satisfaction, work order quality, and feedback and communication between housing managers and residents. A lot of progress has been made in all areas, she noted, and the post received an average rating of “good” in the last two CEL Housing Surveys. The “desired future” is an outstanding rating across the board.

Charleen Herriott, Hunt Housing Community Director here, briefly discussed the suspension in routine maintenance work as well as duct cleaning and mold remediation projects. She said the company is responding to emergency service needs and urgent appliance repair or replacement requests. They are evaluating the health protection condition weekly, she said, with a desire to reinitiate full service as soon as possible.

“We appreciate everyone’s patience during this period of increased precaution,” she said. “We will have a plan of attack in place to get back on track with work orders.”

Offering details about the Jackson Circle project, Herriott said the 174 homes in that neighborhood will be fully renovated in a $15.6 million project slated to begin in July. The projected completion date is March 2022, barring further COVID-19 delays.

“The plan is to hold a special town hall for our Jackson Circle residents in the near future to answer any questions they have,” she noted.

Mold was the final topic of discussion. Herriott reminded residents that it may become more prevalent with damper spring weather and warmer temperatures. Small areas of mold growth (less than 10 feet), can be cleaned by residents using water and detergent or a mixture of one-part bleach in 10-parts water. Growth in excess of 10 feet should be reported with an emergency work order.

Residents posed only two questions during the latter half of the town hall. One asked about planting flowers in front of her home. Herriott noted that her office has a free plant giveaway every spring and fall, and information about this year’s program will be announced soon.

The entire town hall presentation in which the briefers also talked in detail about surveys, work orders, the history of military housing improvements over the past 14 months, and what families who are scheduled to PCS need to keep in mind when travel restrictions are lifted is available at The next resident town hall session is scheduled for August.