COB ADDER, Iraq – Coalition forces delivered 100 tons of wheat and barley seeds to farmers in the Dhi Qar province in November.

Soldiers of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division provided the seeds to four tribal sheiks, who distributed the seeds to 50 farmers throughout the province.

“These seeds were of a very good quality,” said Maj. Herbert Joliat, Long Knife Brigade civil affairs officer. “They will yield a better crop this year, increasing production for the whole community.”

The seeds came at an opportune time, since this is the right season for planting in the province.

“The Iraqi people were very happy and pleased with the continued support and efforts that the coalition forces provide to the people of the Dhi Qar province,” Joliat added.

The four tribes that received the seeds were the al Gizi, al Jawareen, al Badoor and the al Huseenat tribes.