Kenner Volksmarch - Health Festival

A group of runners take off at the start of the Kenner Army Health Clinic’s annual Volksmarch in 2017. Participants of all ages ran and walked along a scenic route. This year’s event is set for Oct. 20, 8-11 a.m.

FORT LEE, Va. - Kenner Army Health Clinic will host its 6th annual Health Festival and Volksmarch on Oct. 20, 8-11 a.m., with the main activities taking placing in the A Avenue parking lot adjacent to the facility. Admission is free and open to everyone in the Fort Lee community.

Registration for the 5K walk/run begins at 8 a.m. The starting line go-signal is set for 9 a.m. Participants can look forward to a scenic volksmarch route that includes wooded trails through Petersburg National Battlefield Park. Pets are welcome. Children, 12 years old and younger, will receive a certificate of achievement for participating.

Both the volksmarch and health festival are centered upon the Army Surgeon General’s Performance Triad initiative to move from a health care system to a system for health, noted Lt. Col. Paul Kassebaum, KAHC commander. The Performance Triad stresses the importance of physical activity, nutrition and sleep to achieve a balanced and holistic approach to care.

Lending their expertise to the health festival will be representatives from the Pediatric, Active Duty and Family Medicine clinics, Optometry, Pharmacy, Orthopedic/Physical Therapy, Preventive Medicine, Behavioral Health, and the Army Wellness Center, among many others.

Festival-goers can use this opportunity to learn more about health risks like lack of exercise, obesity, poor diet choices and too little sleep, all of which can contribute to chronic disease. Additionally, the experts on hand are a good source of information for those seeking better fitness strategies to improve their overall wellness and health.

Flu vaccines will be available for family members and retirees enrolled to the clinic. Also, the Armed Services Blood Program will be conducting a blood drive to support our military service members on missions overseas.

“We are looking forward to promoting physical activity and healthy living for the entire family at our annual volksmarch celebration,” Kassebaum confirmed. “We can improve our military community’s readiness by preventing health care issues before they occur.”

Capt. Scott Miller, chief of KAHC laboratory services and event coordinator, noted how military treatment facilities like Kenner continue to sponsor events such as the annual volksmarch and health festival that “invest in improving the readiness and resilience of the Army Family.” The event encourages community members to incorporate health-promoting behaviors and decisions into their everyday lives or life space.

“The volksmarch is a traditional European community activity in which participants spend time with family and friends, enjoy nature, eat homemade foods and get healthy exercise all at the same time,” Miller said. “That’s the vision we have for this celebration every year with the added 5K race thrown in to add to the excitement.  We hope to see maximum participation, making our 6th annual Volksmarch and Health Festival the best of them all.”

A forecast of sunny skies, mild temperatures and trees with vibrant fall colors also should serve as inspiration to dust off your lederhosen, dirndls and other German-themed attire and come out to Fort Lee for this exhilarating community event. Just remember to wear shoes appropriate for hiking, bring water for hydration and ensure canines are leashed and current on vaccinations. Food will be available for purchase at the festival site.

For more information, call the KAHC Public Affairs Office at 804-734-9086.