The installation's Army Career and Alumni Program is ready to assist clients looking for a job in Virginia through the new “Skill Streams for Success” program.

Are you interested in knowing what job skills employers are looking for? Would you like to know if you have the skill levels many employers are looking for? The program answers these questions and more.

In the private sector there is growing concern about an existing skills gap between those skills required on the job and those skills exhibited by potential workers. Employers experience significant difficulty in hiring people who have basic employability skills and/or who are trainable for specific jobs.

The computer based training program “Skill Streams for Success” is a tool to help people improve their work habits and employability skills. These lessons are web-delivered for easy access.

Based on the experience of various companies that are utilizing the WorkKeys/KeyTrain System, it has been observed that employees who participate in the KeyTrain skills development training package perform better on the job after training.

Job applicants who obtain the same training can be expected to become effective performers sooner and are, therefore, a more desirable candidate for employment.

Companies prize this training highly and are already referring to the WorkKeys based Virginia Career Readiness certificate in their job vacancy announcements as either being required or preferred.

Information sessions on the WorkKeys Employment System and the Virginia Career Readiness certificate will be conducted at the Eastside Enhancement Center, 7301 Boydton Plank Road in Petersburg.

The sessions will be held April 5 and April 12, 3 p.m. These two hour sessions are open to the ACAP Clients, their spouses and qualifying dependents (identification card holders) and will provide information on the WorkKeys Employment System, the Virginia Career Readiness Certificate and the KeyTrain on-line computer based training program.

During the sessions, participants will receive detailed information about skill levels being sought by employers. In addition, information on how to obtain a Virginia Career Readiness certificate, and a WorkKeys nationally recognized certificate will also be provided.

The information sessions are being presented by the Crater Regional Partnership and Community College Workforce Alliance “Skill Streams for Success” Program and are offered free of charge to all ACAP clients.

For more information, contact the ACAP Center at (804) 734-6612 or e-mail