FORT LEE, Va. (June 24, 2010) – Will a pension and investments be enough to enable you to live comfortably in the future? Are you looking for safer investments that will give higher returns than certificates of deposit and money market accounts?  

These are questions that may be answered during Army Career and Alumni Program’s “Retirement Planning Today” class. It is designed for military and civilian personnel along with their spouses. Those already retired can also benefit from the class. It is never too late to benefit from optimizing your retirement plan.

The course covers myths and facts about successful retirement planning. Also included in the curriculum are strategies to overcome obstacles as well as strategies to leverage the positive in your current plan. You can, in fact, start where you are and create increased financial health through proper planning.

Out-living your money is the biggest fear retired people have. The next biggest fear is not having enough to maintain a decent standard of living. You need to be able to live well even if Social Security decreases and inflation increases (and it will eventually). “Retirement Planning Today” will help to improve your financial literacy and help in setting goals in this uncertain financial climate.

Trendy financial news currently floods the media; however, putting this information to work is not so easy primarily because the information is often released after a crisis. Additionally, the information is often confusing and conflicting. Alternatively, creating a retirement plan places you in a proactive instead of a reactive mode, bolstering the chance for success by clear decision making through education.

To register, call the ACAP Center at (804)734-6612 or visit the office in building 3400, Soldier Support Center, 1401 B Avenue, Room 126. The class is scheduled for July 24 in classroom No. 124, 9 a.m - 1:30 p.m.