ACES Undergoes Name Change for New Era

FORT LEE, Va. (Oct. 15, 2009) – The Army Center of Excellence, Subsistence was recently renamed the Joint Culinary Center of Excellence, where military personnel from all four branches of the Department of Defense will train to learn their basic food service and branch specific specialties at one location. While the name change became effective Oct. 1, the true transformation will take place next year as the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy arrive to train where the U.S. Army and U.S. Marines have been training together for years.

“We have essentially become the center for all entry-level food service training for the Army, Marines and the Navy. Additionally the Air Force will be co-located with the other branches,” said Lt. Col. Rob Barnes, JCCoE director.

The mission to train food service personnel will basically stay the same. However, changes will come as the other branches are added.

“We’ve had a great bond with the Marines since they arrived here to train with us,” he said. “Our bond only strengthens as we welcome the Air Force and the Navy. This is truly the right thing to do; we all basically do the same thing, we just do it in different kitchens.”

In January 2011, the first classes under the JCCoE will convene and Fort Lee will again be making history, this time as the foundation of food service throughout the DoD.

In the meantime, the barracks and dining facility that will serve Air Force and Navy personnel are taking shape just off of A Avenue. McLaughlin Hall, the food services training center, is expanding to accommodate the additional student load.

What was formerly known as ACES still exists in the new organizational structure. All the programs such as quality assurance division, concepts, systems and policy division remain under the ACES Operations Directorate.

“The functions that were ACES are now the three pillars of JCCoE,” Barnes said.

The mission remains the same, only the names have changed, Barnes said.

There are three directorates under the JCCoE. The ACES Operations Directorate keeps their functions and the Joint Culinary Training Directorate holds three functions: the culinary skills training, advanced division training and the basic division training, which includes all four services.

The Special Programs Directorate encompasses the Philip A. Connelly Program, the Culinary Arts Competition, Enlisted Aide of the Year Competition and any special events throughout the year such as the 92G accreditation program, symposiums, conferences and competitions.

Barnes and his staff will relocate to McLaughlin Hall from Mifflin Hall as the transition moves forward in more than just name.