The Army Family Action Plan conference is fast approaching Feb. 20 - 22 at the Memorial Chapel.

Take advantage of the opportunity to be a delegate to ensure your voice is heard. Without your input, AFAP doesn’t work. In 1997, a delegate decided to raise awareness via AFAP that Soldiers did not have a universal tax deferred savings plan available to them. By utilizing the AFAP process to raise awareness, the Thrift Savings Plan came into existence.

In 2002, a delegate used the AFAP process to tell senior leadership that Basic Allowance for Housing was not adequate enough for Soldiers to reside off of the installation. By 2005, the first of several BAH increases resulted from the use of the AFAP process (2005-2007 increase of 11 percent and rising).

Results are not always seen overnight but if the concern is communicated through the correct AFAP process, it will be heard. Concerns won’t be heard, let alone resolved, if action is not taken on your part.

Issue boxes are located at Kenner pharmacy and Primary Care Clinic, Child and Youth Services Division, Child Development Center, Army Community Service, Housing office and three 49th Quartermaster Group locations.

Another action is volunteering of your time as a delegate to the AFAP process. The AFAP process begins here at Fort Lee in the form of the annual AFAP conference.

Training is available to you as a delegate to help ensure that you fully understand the part of the process you will be fulfilling. It is your chance to truly make a difference.

Don’t sit around thinking about the changes that the military needs to make any longer. Become a delegate and let your voice be heard. What other program offers you the chance to change legislation, policies and programs for the military?

Become a delegate in the AFAP Conference and you will see that “Your Voice = Your Future!”

For details, contact ACS at (804) 734-7979/6388.