AIT Soldiers Visit Senior Veterans, Citizens

About 40 advanced individual training Soldiers cheered up the seniors Friday during a visit to an assisted living facility in Hopewell.

Soldier teams from Company A, 244th Quartermaster Battalion, 23rd QM Brigade, met with veterans and military admirers to share stories about the new and old Army.

“We want the Soldiers to see some of their heritage, so they can hear the stories and be able to appreciate being a Soldier from those who were Soldiers,” said Staff Sgt. Sandra Britton, Co. A drill sergeant.

“It’s about helping somebody out, just being there for somebody else and telling your story as well as hearing what they have to say,” said Sgt. 1st Class Sheena Allen, Co. A first sergeant.

Horace Eason, a Hopewell resident and Navy veteran from 1943-46, said it was great to see the Soldiers.

“They’re right up there with the president if he came by to visit,” Eason said.

Theodore Robinson, a Petersburg resident, thanked the Soldiers for their time.

“Your visitation means a whole lot us,” he said to the Soldiers.

Jerri Fry, Brighter Living Assisted Living activities director, said it uplifts the seniors to have visitors, especially Soldiers.

“They like to see the younger people having direction and doing a purpose, following in their footsteps, and it makes the ladies smile, they like to see young men in uniform,” Fry said.

Pfc. Jeremy Andrews said he always likes to meet new people and hear new stories.

“They were glad to see us, and that we took time out to come visit them,” he said.