Applying ‘7 Habits’ to Families

Fort Lee is one of 10 installations selected by the Department of the Army to participate in a FranklinCovey pilot program, said Jackie Drakeford, Army Community Service.

The Army is paying $64,000 for Fort Lee families to participate in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Army Families,” a workshop based on books by Steven R. Covey.

Led by Dr. John M.R. Covey, director of FranklinCovey’s Home and Family Department, the program incorporates four “Army-Family Training Issues” into the principles established by the seven habits.

“About six years ago, FranklinCovey and the Army teamed up to design a curriculum for Army Families,” Covey said. “We identified the training issues and started the program in Hawaii and developed it since then.”

The four Army-Family Training Issues:

• Family issues (marriage, divorce, birth of a child, children moving away from home and parents aging).

• Financial issues (budgeting, maintaining good credit, investing and Thrift Savings Plan).

• Relocation (permanent change of station within or outside the continental United States).

• Separations (deployment, temporary duty and unaccompanied tours).

The one-day program will provide a skill set that uses the seven habits as a guide to effective decision-making in addressing problems and strengthening families, said Covey.

The FranklinCovey team will teach the workshop Tuesday through June 29, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at Memorial Chapel. Another session will be offered Aug. 14 - 17.

To reserve a seat, participants must call (804) 734-6388 or 734-6381 no later than Friday. Only 200 seats are authorized. Lunch will be provided.

A 64-page, “Proactive Family Guidebook,” will be given to participants. Written by John Covey, the guidebook builds core competencies around the seven habits in the context of Army Families. Covey has more than 25 years of international family experience, presenting workshops worldwide on strengthening families.

This week the FranklinCovey team hosted a three-day certification program for facilitators in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Army Families.” Facilitators will be able to teach the principles in the workshop to the community. The Department of the Army is paying $27,000 for the train-the-trainer workshop, said Wendi Clark, Army Community Service.

Maj. James Galluzzo, Military Entrance Processing Station commander, participated in the train-the-trainer workshop. Galluzzo said he was familiar with the seven habits and looked forward to learning how they can be applied to a family context

“Putting the seven habits into practice is challenging but this kind of training helps to remind one of the importance of these principles,” Galluzzo said. “Just like in the military, the more you train, the better you get.”