FORT LEE, Va. (April 22, 2010) - The publication formerly known as the Army Logistics Professional Bulletin recently received a facelift and was recognized for those improvements.

The new Army Sustainment bulletin switched its focus from logistics to sustainment and earned a Secretary of the Army Award for Publications Improvements (Departmental), said Robert D. Paulus.

“(This transition) was done to position the publication as the professional bulletin for the sustainment warfighting function and align it with the establishment of the Sustainment Center of Excellence,” said Paulus.

The publication is released every two months and runs 48-72 pages. It is geared toward sustainers throughout the Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard, Department of Defense Civilians and contractors.

The articles reflect all aspects of sustainment, said Paulus, including supply, maintenance, transportation, field services, contracting, human resources support, financial management, and medical logistics.

“In the new sustainment units, quartermaster, ordnance, and transportation Soldiers have been joined by finance and adjutant general Soldiers,” he said. The result has been an expansion of the Army logistician community, prompting a fundamental transformation in the bulletin’s coverage to serve readers and authors from all components of sustainment.”

Paulus credits the staff for the award, as they all played a part in the redesign. The bulletin has three assistant editors: Kari J. Chenault, April K. Morgan and Julianne E. Cochran; and an administrative assistant, Louanne E. Birkner. Design and layout is produced by RCW Communication Design Inc., of Alexandria. They were also majorly involved in the new publication design, said Paulus.

“I am very pleased to see our publication win this award,” he said. “The improvement was very much a staff project. Although my name is on the award, this was a team achievement and the award belongs to our staff and contractor, not to me.”