The re-opening of the Sisisky Boulevard Gate to vehicular traffic is scheduled for July 2 at 10 a.m.

The traffic signal at intersection of A Avenue and Sisisky Boulevard will be activated Friday, however, traffic control barricades will remain in place on Sisisky Boulevard. Motorists should abide by speed limit signs along Shop Road and A Avenue. The speed limit on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and C Avenue is still 15 mph until further notice.

The Sisisky Boulevard Project was a congressional add-on project that began last October.

Motorists will see multiple workers working at Sisisky Boulevard and Route 36 intersection re-working traffic signage, re-phasing the traffic signal and removing barricades from 8 a.m. until grand opening at 10 a.m.

The new Sisisky Boulevard roadway will include widened pavement lanes with curb and gutter, raised medians, new street lighting, new traffic signals at intersections of Shop Road, A and C avenues; no thru-traffic at B Avenue intersection, pedestrian pushbutton signals at traffic signal locations, new concrete sidewalks, new traffic signs, and new pavement markings (centerlines, arrows, stop bars and crosswalks).

The plan is to open the entire Sisisky Boulevard roadway from Route 36 through C Avenue. If unfavorable weather conditions occur, Sisisky Boulevard will only be opened from Route 36 to A Avenue. This is the worst case scenario/contingency to get this gateway entrance back in service and relieve traffic congestion at other gates. Please note that Shop Road Gate will continue to remain open and Virginia Department of Transportation should complete the installation of a permanent traffic signal at this gateway’s intersection with Jefferson Park Drive by end of August/beginning of September.

Fort Lee’s command group requests that the Fort Lee community be patient and drive safely while construction of Fort Lee as the Sustainment Center Excellence for Logistics begins. The installation will be under renovation for the next nine years. It’s imperative that motorists be attentive to changing roadway conditions and routes while driving on the installation. Keep an eye out for road blocks, pedestrian crosswalk relocations and alternate traffic patterns. Motorists are asked to observe the following guidelines during the construction period:

• Pay attention to your surroundings.

• Look for and heed the warning signs and symbols.

• Slow down when directed to do so by signs or flagmen.

• Keep a safe distance between vehicles and traffic barriers, trucks, construction equipment and workers

• Expect delays; plan for them and leave early to reach destination on time.

• Avoid complacency. Don’t become oblivious to work zone signs.