CASCOM Unveils Logistics Corps Insignia

In the near future, Quartermaster officers will no longer wear the familiar “key and sword” insignia on the lapel of their dress uniform.

Instead, they will don a new insignia that represents the new U.S. Army Logistics Corps.

The Corps will include the Transportation and Ordnance functional areas so officers belonging to them will wear the new insignia as well.

The Quartermaster, Transportation and Ordnance branches are not being eliminated, so officers will continue to wear their branch regimental crests.

Enlisted personnel who carry logistic military occupational specialties are not affected. They will continue to wear the insignias of their assigned branch.

Although the insignia design has been approved, the Logistics Corps has not. Approval is expected any day now, said Lt. Col. Vickie Stenfors, chief, Logistics Branch Proponency Office, Combined Arms Support Command.

“It is up to chief of staff of the Army now,” she said. “We hope to have an approval by the end of May.”

Once the establishment of the Logistics Corps is approved, the new insignias will become available in clothing and sales stores. They should be on store shelves by July 1.

“But I’m guessing it may take longer in some areas,” said Stenfors.

Once the insignia is available worldwide, a deadline for wear will be set.

The insignia design is Soldier red and gold in color and incorporates elements of the Quartermaster, Transportation and Ordnance branch insignias. It is partly the result of a CASCOM contest to design the insignia and the U.S. Army Institute of Heraldry, which added the final touches and brought it within general design specifications.

Stenfors said that only Quartermaster, Transportation and Ordnance officers who have graduated from the Combined Logistics Captain’s Career Course taught at Fort Lee’s Army Logistics Management College are allowed to wear the new insignia. When the Logistics Corps becomes reality, roughly 4,500 officers will have to change their lapel insignias.

The first CLC3 class to wear the new insignia is scheduled to graduate July 6.

The Logistics Corps was established to help fulfill the needs for multi-functional logisticians on today’s battlefield. It was necessary due to several factors to include Army transformation plans, which broaden the functionality of some organizational elements.


A diagonally crossed cannon and key surmounted by a ship’s steering wheel, all in gold colored metal; bearing on the hub a stylized star and inscribed on the ship’s wheel in Latin, above ‘SUSTINENDUM’ and below ‘VICTORIAM’ (translation ‘Sustaining Victory’) all in Soldier Red. Overall dimensions 1 inch (2.54cm) in height.


Soldier red is the Logistics branch color. The logistics mission of planning, integrating, and executing sustainment activities is represented by elements from the Quartermaster (key) and Transportation (ship’s wheel) branches insignia, Ordnance regimental insignia (cannon), and Combined Arms Support Command distinctive unit insignia (stylized star). The key represents the Quartermaster Corps’ mission to provide supplies and services; the ship’s wheel denotes the Transportation Corps’ responsibilities for the movement of troops, supplies, and equipment; the cannon represents the Ordnance Corps’ responsibilities of maintenance and munitions; the stylized star represents the unity and integration of logistics functions.