As the U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Lee, we exist to support your units and organizations. Our mission is to support your success. Army funding for most Installation Management Command services is set at an amber level. We should be providing the highest quality of support with the funding provided. To evaluate our performance we conducted three comprehensive surveys in the fall of 2008. The first survey, a customer service assessment, is actually part of a broad program called Customer Management Services.

CMS is a program that continuously seeks and uses customer feedback to synchronize, evaluate and improve both the delivery and receipt of garrison programs and services. The program utilizes four major components, organizational structure, management processes, strategic communications and feedback mechanisms. The ultimate outcome is to “enable Soldier and Family readiness, and provide a quality of life that matches the quality of service they provide to the nation.”

Most services define themselves by measuring the sum of all inputs and outputs. These are activity measures and, although important, rarely define the quality of services provided. CMS offers a method to track, understand and gauge the true determinant of how well services are provided on Fort Lee. CMS is able to provide each organization or service provider with customer insight, measurable feedback, actionable recommendations and a baseline for trend analysis and resource justification.

There are three mechanisms that CMS utilizes to produce those resources. The first mechanism is Interactive Customer Evaluation. To date, we have over 166 service providers listed in this online customer comment card program. CMS offers focus groups as our second mechanism for gathering customer feedback. This process is conducted in conjunction with Army Family Action Plan and follows many of the same guidelines. Focus groups consist of small consistent groups such as Soldiers, Family members, veterans, Warriors in Transition and many others.

The third mechanism is an annual customer service assessment available to any and all who live, work and play on Fort Lee. This is a brief survey that asks each constituent group to rate Garrison services that they utilize by how well they are performing and how important that service is to them. Soldiers, Civilians, and Family members at Fort Lee participated in this customer service assessment in October and November of 2008. We received feedback from 617 respondents over 65 garrison service areas. The results are now being presented to garrison directors for their assessment and action to improve or sustain their respective services. Over the next few months at town halls and installation staff meetings, we will be providing you with the results of the survey and out actions to sustain or improve our support.

CMS helps us to synchronize, evaluate and improve both the delivery and receipt of our programs and services. Your input and the input of your personnel are important to us. Thank you for helping us to improve our support and services to you.