Co. V Soldiers Claim Victory in Challenge

To inspire esprit de corps, team cohesion and boost morale, the “Lifeline to Victory Soldiers” of the 262nd Quartermaster Battalion, 23rd QM Brigade, enjoyed a physically demanding and challenging day at showing off their skills on warrior tasks and battle drills, and other team events Aug. 25.

The Warrior Challenge called for eight teams, (two teams per company) which consisted of a team leader (NCO or drill sergeant) and eight Soldiers (six males and a minimum of two females).

The day began with a physical fitness challenge where all Soldiers, excluding the team leader, had one minute to do as many push-ups and sit-ups to standard.

Once complete, the Soldiers took off on their timed ruck march to find 10 points that their team leader plotted on a map (the grid coordinates were given).

Each point was an event that coincided with the warrior tasks and battle drills that the Soldiers trained on every Saturday morning.

The “Lifeline to Victory Soldiers” showed tremendous motivation and dedication to ensure that their team took the victory.

There were four awards for the combat skills competition and one trophy called the Commander’s Cup for best team overall.

The teams were from Company C, (“Charlie Rock”), Co. R, (“Ride or Die”), Co. U, (“No Slack”), and Co. V, (“Fired Up”).

First place and the Commander’s Cup went to the mighty Co. V.

All teams were winners, and no team went back to their units empty handed. It was a great day, and the entire battalion was present to show their support and cheer on their teams.

The 262nd QM Bn. has a sports competition (flag football) scheduled Sept. 22, with teams of AIT Soldiers, permanent-party Soldiers, and male and female teams.