Company B Command Speaks at Veterans Day Event

Capt. Alex Shimabukuro, Company B commander, 266th Quartermaster Battalion, 23rd QM Brigade, and 1st Sgt. Lawrence Herring, were key speakers for more than 125 members of the First Baptist Church in Richmond Nov. 10. June Burton coordinated the event, which included acknowledgement and appreciation of all veterans in the ballroom. Some of these veterans spoke of their special memories while serving in uniform.

The Fort Lee Army Band Quartet performed several patriotic songs and provided great entertainment that kept everyone smiling. The Marine Corps Detachment did an outstanding job providing color guard duties for the event.

Shimabukuro and Herring showed a small video from their deployment and spoke about their experiences during their tours in Iraq. They both spoke about the positive impact and opportunities the Army has given them and how important it is for Americans to know about the great opportunities the military can provide their youth.

More importantly, both speakers emphasized the importance for veterans to continue being the custodians of our great military tradition. Veterans Day gives Americans that special day to pay their deepest respect for those who have served (past and present) and to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freedoms Americans enjoy today.