FORT LEE, Va. (Feb. 2, 2012) - -February is National Children's Dental Health Month. During this observance, the dental community is focusing on children and their dental health. It is never too early to establish good habits and positive attitudes in children about taking care of their teeth. This will be critical in maintaining good oral health throughout their lives.

This month-long awareness event started more than 70 years ago. The first National Children's Dental Health observance was a one-day event (Feb. 3, 1941) in Cleveland. During that same year, Feb. 3-7 was designated as Children's Dental Health Week in Akron, Ohio.

The American Dental Association held the first national observance of Children's Dental Health Day on Feb. 8, 1949. The single-day observance became a week long event in 1955. In 1981, the program was extended to a month-long celebration know today as National Children's Dental Health Month.

Throughout this month, the Fort Lee Dental Clinic Command will provide articles on various topics including being prepared for a dental emergency; sipping, snacking and tooth decay; mouth guards; and oral piercing: not as safe as you think. In addition, many of the children attending the post child development centers will receive a short program on dental health.

This year's theme is "Rock Your Smile." Everyone's oral health is important. Help your children learn more about theirs.