FORT LEE, Va. – The Civilian Welfare Fund committee at Fort Lee has expanded its inventory of commemorative items for retirees. New selections include Army playing cards and dice in a mahogany box with a service medallion, a large patriotic throw blanket, and a vintage American flag art piece.

“Finding quality custom gifts within our budget set by Army regulation is always a challenge, but I believe we have been successful in meeting that goal,” said Carrie Williams, CWF secretary. “We have upped the gifts available from five to eight to better ensure those who conclude their years of dedicated service here can receive an item they’ll want to put on display to remind themselves and others of their proud contribution to national defense.”

CWF serves all appropriated and non-appropriated fund government workers. The organization’s “rebirth” at Fort Lee happened about eight years ago, and it has steadily increased its catalog of morale-building activities, which now includes facilitation of the quarterly Fort Lee Outstanding Civilian Awards program, discounted Family and MWR recreational adventures, and a free sack lunch for civilians offered a couple of times each summer. To cover the cost of its activities, the organization receives a portion of vending machine sales across the installation,

“Activity-wise, COVID-19 took some of the wind out of our sails over the past year because we wanted to be cautious about any event that would bring people together and risk exposure to the virus,” observed Barbara Vonada, CWF chairwoman. “However, we are hopeful that situation will change soon so we can resume our full range of events that promote teamwork and positive morale across Fort Lee.”

Refocusing on the retirement gift program, Holly Allman, CWF assistant fund manager explained the process for requesting an item. “Upon deciding to make that leap into retirement, notify the chain of command of your gift choice, and they will submit the necessary paperwork to the agency’s CWF representative,” she said. “That same individual also will coordinate the item pickup from the garrison headquarters.”

The eight retirement gifts now being offered include the following:

  • An engraved Pewter Jefferson Cup with a printed history of the time-honored gift
  • A Mahogany Keepsake Box with custom Civilian Retiree Medallion
  • A Mahogany Brass Clock with Civilian Retiree Inscription
  • Army Playing Cards with Dice in a Mahogany Box with an Army Medallion
  • A Mahogany Jewelry Box with lock and key and metal inscription “Civilian Retiree, Fort Lee”
  • A large U.S. Patriotic Flag Throw Blanket
  • A Golf Putter in Cherry Wood Box with Civilian Retiree inscription
  • A 24-by-36-inch Old Vintage American Flag Canvas Artwork

Images of each gift are available at

“The CWF team is excited to make this offer and hopes all retirees can find the perfect gift that will be cherished as they transition into retirement,” Vonada concluded. “Also, please remember the CWF team is always open to hearing your comments and suggestions to enhance the Fort Lee Program. You’re welcome to volunteer to serve on our committee as well.”

Civilian employees are further encouraged to learn who the CWF representative is in their organization, Williams added, so they will know who to contact for additional information about upcoming activities and how to submit nominations for the Outstanding Civilian Award program. Individuals can follow the organization at