Garrison Dining Facility Cuts Ribbon

FORT LEE, Va. (June 10, 2010) – Advanced Individual Training students from the 23rd Quartermaster Brigade now have a brand-new dining facility to enjoy.

While it has been open since June 1, the dining facility held its official ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday.

The new eating establishment, officially called the Fort Lee Garrison Consolidated Dining Facility, was known to most as the Navy/Air Force dining facility while it was under construction. It was built using the Navy and Air Force dining concept, said Gordon Mendenhall, the DFAC’s building manager.

The building was built in anticipation for the surge of Airmen and Sailors set to train at the schools here due to the Base Realignment and Closure Decision of 2005, and they will likely eat there once they have arrived for training.

Right now, the DFAC serves students from three companies: Alpha, Bravo and Tango from the 23rd QM Bde. It also provides food to send out to the field for students in the Petroleum and Water Department.

“It’s been going really well,” said Mendenhall. “We’ve gotten a lot of support during the start up.”

The Air Force and Navy concept is to buy items individually and relax while eating, said Mendenhall, whereas the Army moves Soldiers in and out quickly.

Mendenhall said the DFAC has two special stations that other DFACs on Fort Lee don’t have: a pizza oven and a rotisserie chicken oven. While other DFACs serve individual pizzas, the Garrison DFAC offers a by-the-slice option.

The DFAC can serve 384 patrons.