FORT LEE, Va (March 24, 2011) -The Fort Lee community can go online to make appointments for identification cards and Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System at the Soldier Support Center.

Customers can go to to make an appointment at the Fort Lee center.

"We added this service to better serve the community," said Temeca Toppin, chief of Identification Cards and DEERS. "However, appointments can still be made via telephone."

Since many customers have access to the Internet, this will help alleviate some of the scheduling calls made to the office.

"The online appointment website provides a valuable tool for our customers, while increasing the efficiency of our operation," said Toppin.

Customers will receive an e-mail confirmation of their appointment and a cancellation notice if they cancel their appointment, said Toppin.

So far, customers have been pleased with the new system, Toppin said.

"The Appointment Scheduler is very user friendly which makes scheduling appointments much simpler for our customers, while also improving our ability to quickly communicate any system failures that may require a cancellation or the re-scheduling of their appointment," said Toppin.

The website also includes all of the requirements to update DEERS and receive a military identification card to help ensure the customer arrives with all required documentation.