FORT LEE, Va. (October 21, 2010) -- Determined to provide the best installation support activities possible, the Army has a robust customer feedback system that gives community members like you and I an opportunity to share our views about the service providers we encounter and the facilities we frequent on a regular basis.

Among the main components of that feedback mechanism are the Interactive Customer Evaluation system, Community First focus groups and the annual Customer Service Assessment. Maintaining the quality and timeliness of those information sources is the job of the Customer Service Officer.

My name is James R. LeFebvre (Jim), and I was recently hired by Team Lee to serve as the installation CSO. My career includes military service in the Army as an Adjutant General Corps officer. After that, I earned my graduate degree in public administration and returned to work as a defense contractor from 1991-2006.  

One of my earlier assignments involved the management of four different transition centers – located at Fort Devens, Mass.; the Military Ocean Terminal, Bayonne, N.J.; Fort Meade, Md.; and Fort Myer – for military and government service personnel and family members. Moving to New Hampshire in late 2006, I worked with the State Department of Employment Security and served as the director of the unemployment benefits division. Furthermore, I was an independent consultant on the Army Community of Excellence contract for approximately 18 months. 

Enough about me … let’s explore the responsibilities of a CSO.

I provide oversight of the ICE program, Community First and the Customer Service Assessment. These three tiers provide the garrison and installation leadership with a comprehensive view of local services delivery, outstanding issues with those services and the customer’s perspective of the relative importance of the services.

One of the most valuable sources of input I monitor is the ICE program. It gives every member of Team Lee a method to provide feedback to installation managers regarding the quality of individual service rendered. There are two ways to use the ICE system. The preferred method is the automated version that can be accessed from the Fort Lee homepage –  (click the ICE icon located on the bottom right of the page). The second method is to fill out and leave a paper ICE card in any of the black collection boxes located throughout post.

If feedback is requested and contact information provided on a submission, the service provider manager has three working days to respond directly to the individual. Please note also that positive ICE comments are just as important as the ones that call for a corrective action.

The CSO also oversees the Community First Program, which focuses on issues from constituent groups like active duty military, retirees, Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers, veterans, family members and others. This program focuses on group issues that can be resolved locally, with other issues transferred to the Army Family Action Program run by the Army Community Service staff. The coordination of focus group sessions is an on-going responsibility of the CSO.

Many of you participated in the recent (August-September 2010) Customer Service Assessment of Fort Lee, which is the third principal responsibility of the CSO. This assessment provides garrison and installation staff with feedback on the relative importance of services offered, as well as how well those services are delivered. We are currently waiting for the 2010 assessment feedback rollup from the Installation Management Command. We anticipate the arrival of that information by mid-November.

How do you contact the CSO for assistance, training support or other issues? 

You can drop me an e-mail at or call me at (804) 765-0975.  I am enthusiastic about this opportunity to work with you and make every service program at Fort Lee the very best the Army has to offer.