Several students from Basic Officer Logistics Course III 08-001 volunteered to work in the home of Jasmine Johnson. In partnership with Elder Homes, they assisted with the mission to enhance the quality of life for Jasmine and her Family. The group of students worked multiple days installing safety handrails and re-routing unsafe cable wiring to provide a safe environment.

The handrails were installed to help 12 year-old Jasmine, who has multiple sclerosis, move in and out of her wheelchair.

Jasmine is now able to move around the home easier and more freely and reduces the amount of worry Jasmine’s mother has for her daughter’s safety. The handrails also increase Jasmine’s independence and reduce the time that her mother needs to help her.

Capt. Peter Caggiano, BOLC III TAC officer, states that his classes complete these projects to “provide assistance to those who support the military.”

“Providing the surrounding community with a helping hand allows these students to realize how fortunate that they are,” Caggiano said. “When people smile and you can see the appreciation on their faces, you know that all the hard work has paid off.”

The impact of these events goes further than on the Family. BOLC III student 2nd Lt. Tina McMillen says she enjoyed this project because she “knows that Jasmine can live more comfortably in her home without the risk of certain dangers.”

Partnering with Elder Homes allows the military to interact with the local community. It also gives young officers the opportunity to display their selfless service to civilian personnel. This enhances the public view of the Army and increases morale within the class.

The BOLC III class will continue their work in the community in March by assisting the Elder Homes project group in their efforts to build ramps for local veterans.