If you and your spouse are both in the military, you may soon receive a debt notification from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service as they begin recovering unpaid Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance premiums.

Beginning Nov. 1, 2001, the Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance program was expanded to provide life insurance coverage for spouses and dependent children of all service members enrolled in SGLI. This expanded program, known as FSGLI provides $100,000 in life insurance coverage for the spouse and $10,000 in life insurance coverage for the dependent child of any Active Duty, Ready Reserve or National Guard servicemember who is insured under SGLI. All service members (to include joint military couples) are automatically enrolled in FSGLI unless they decline coverage in writing by submitting a form SGLV 8286A to their supporting personnel office. FSGLI premiums for spouse coverage vary according to the age of the spouse and are automatically deducted from military pay. FSGLI coverage for children is free.

Recently the Department of Veterans Affairs and DFAS have discovered that many joint military couples have been receiving coverage for their spouse, but because of incomplete documentation in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, the monthly FSGLI spouse premiums have not been deducted from their pay.

Service members are required to report all dependents in DEERS, including spouses who are already enrolled in their own right as military members. Indications from VA and DFAS are that many joint-military couples have failed to enroll their spouse as their dependant. This has led to an estimated $25 million in back premiums owed by joint military couples throughout the services and DFAS is starting to collect these back due premiums.

If you and your spouse are joint military and you are not enrolled as one another’s dependants in DEERS, DFAS may begin deducting monthly coverage premiums plus an additional $30 per month for back FSGLI premiums until past due premiums are caught up.

Any Soldier can decline or reduce future FSGLI coverage by submitting a form SGLV 8286A to their servicing personnel office; however Soldiers will not be permitted to backdate declination forms to avoid paying back premiums. Soldiers may request waiver of any FSGLI debt by submitting a DD Form 2789 through their local finance office. Waiver requests will only be accepted until July 4 and submitting the waiver request does not guarantee past due premiums will be waived. See your servicing finance office for more details.