Mock Utility Bills Expected in 2008

Wondering when utility meters will be installed on Fort Lee homes? Well, wonder no more.

Residents will see “Ista” North America on site the week of Nov. 12 to begin installation of the utility meters in post neighborhoods.

The current schedule has installation complete by the end of the year, pending no delays.

About 842 homes will be metered initially; they are located in Jackson Circle, Harrison Villa, Jefferson Terrace and the single family, single dwelling homes in Monroe Manor. The duplex homes in Monroe Manor will not be metered.

A mock billing program is expected to begin early in 2008.

Mock billing is a 90 day period to accustom everyone in receiving a utility statement, allows residents some time to adjust individual utility consumption and allows the Fort Lee Commonwealth Communities to investigate any high usage readings prior to actual commencement of billing.

The homes in Monroe Manor and the older units in Jefferson Terrace will not initially participate in the mock billing or the billing portions of the program.

After the 90-day mock billing period, residents will receive a 60-day notice that actual billing cycles will begin. During this time, residents can see how their home measures against a set baseline.

Gas and electric are the only utilities billed in this program. Water, sewer and refuse are provided as part of the rental payment.

When the initial baseline is established, a portion of the BAH will be used to pay for utilities within that baseline. Residents that are above the baseline will be billed; those below will receive a rebate.

There is a $50 accumulative threshold either way. This means no bills or rebates are payable until the $50 parameter is reached.

The ultimate goal is to stay within this threshold during a family’s stay with Fort Lee Commonwealth Communities. Upon termination of the lease, the household’s account will be reconciled and residents will either receive a credit or be required to pay a small bill.

For more information, contact a resident relations specialist at (804) 733-1558 or check out the Web site at