The Department of the Army is implementing changes to the wear policy outlined in Army Regulation 670-1 and the wear policy for the Army Combat Uniform.

The following changes are now in effect:

• The Army white uniform is no longer authorized for wear.

• Soldiers may wear a wristwatch, a wrist identification bracelet and a total of two rings (a wedding set is considered one ring) with Army uniforms, unless prohibited by the commander. Identification bracelets are limited to medical alert, MIA, POW and KIA (black or silver in color only) bracelets. Soldiers are only authorized to wear one item on each wrist.

• Pens and pencils worn in the slots on the ACU coat can be exposed. There are no stipulations on the colors of pens or pencils worn in the slots. Other authorized exceptions are religious items, a conservative tie tack or the tie clasp that male Soldiers wear with the black four-in-hand necktie and a pen or pencil that may appear exposed on the hospital duty, food service, combat vehicle crewman uniform, or flight uniforms.

• Wearing wireless bluetooth devices and non-wireless ear pieces while wearing Army uniforms, except while operating a vehicle (to include a motorcycle or bicycle).

• Soldiers are authorized to wear ballistic spectacle eye protection issued by the Army.

• Soldiers are authorized to wear the black, ACU universal pattern, foliage green, desert camouflage pattern gym bags, civilian rucksacks, or other similar civilian bags while in uniform.

• Non-subdued shoulder sleeve insignia are not authorized to be worn on utility uniforms as an SSI or SSI-FWTS.

• Combat, special skill and identification badges are not authorized to be worn on the ACU in field or in deployed environments.

• Subdued pin on or sewn on rank is worn on the ACU sun (boonie) hat and the ACU patrol cap.

• Soldiers are authorized to wear black leather boots, tan combat boots, or optional tan boots similar to the tan combat boots with the aircrew Battle Dress Uniform and the flight uniform.

• The military police, explosive ordnance disposal, and criminal investigation division insignias are authorized to be worn on the ACU.

• Insignias not authorized to be worn on the ACU are blood types, combat lifesavers, medic, allergies, Arabic nametapes, no known drug allergies, no known allergies, penicillin, etc.

• The caps authorized for wear with the improved physical fitness uniform are the black knit cap, foliage green micro fleece cap or black micro fleece cap.

• The black or tan rigger belts are authorized to be worn with the ACU.

• Black, tan or green socks are authorized to be worn with the ACU.

• Last nametape will be worn on the ACU parka, cold weather (gortex) (generation II). All personnel will wear the nametape on the left-sleeve pocket flap. The nametape will be centered left to right on the bottom of the pocket flap. Personnel are not authorized to wear the nametape in any other location on the parka other than the bottom of the pocket flap. Personnel are not authorized to embroider the nametape directly on the pocket flap, or wear an olive green or universal camouflage pattern nametape with hook and loop fastener on the generation II gortex parka.

The nametape is a strip of universal camouflage pattern or olive-green cloth, 5 and 1/4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide with 1/4 inch block lettering. The nametape can accommodate up to 14 characters. No other size nametape is authorized to be worn on the ACU gortex parka (generation II).

• Boots with zippers or sneaker-type construction are not authorized to be worn with the ACU.

• The sleeve cuffs on the ACU coats are not authorized to be rolled.

• Sunglasses are not authorized to be hung on uniforms or from restraints down the front of uniforms, attached to chains, bands or ribbons, while in a garrison environment.

• Soldiers are authorized to store the headgear when it is not worn. Soldiers may store headgear in the ACU cargo pockets. When stored, the headgear must be folded neatly and not present a bulky appearance.

• The black or tan (cold weather) moisture wicking silk weight T-shirts are not authorized to be worn under the ACU coat in place of the tan, foliage green or brown T-shirts. The silk weight T-shirts will be worn as undergarments only.

• Soldiers are not authorized to modify the black extended cold-weather clothing system fleece to add hook and loop pads for the last nametape, U.S. Army and rank insignia.