832nd Ord. Bn. Uncasing

Lt Col. Demetrius L. Jackson, 832nd Ordnance Battalion commander, and Command Sgt. Maj. Ray B. Johnson, 832nd Ord. Bn. CSM, uncased the unit’s colors in front of the battalion during the ceremony Tuesday. (Photo by Amy Perry)

FORT LEE, Va. (July 28, 2011) -- The 832nd Ordnance Battalion became an official part of the Fort Lee team Tuesday during an uncasing ceremony at the Ordnance School running track.

Lt. Col. Demetrius L. Jackson, 832nd Ord. Bn. commander, and Command Sgt. Maj. Ray B. Johnson, 832nd Ord. Bn. command sergeant major, uncased the unit's colors during the ceremony. Col. Pharisse Berry oversaw the formalities.

The battalion, which trains Soldiers to be technically and tactically proficient in ammunition handling and storage, as well as explosive ordnance disposal, moved here from Redstone Arsenal, Ala., as part of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure initiatives. The guidon was cased during a ceremony at Redstone Arsenal on June 9.

"The 832nd Ordnance Battalion casing ceremony on June 9 ... marked the beginning of the final phase of the Ordnance School's move to consolidate at Fort Lee as a result of the Base Realignment and Closing Act," said Berry. "As I watched the ceremony last month, I noticed the sadness on the faces of the installation leaders and the leaders from the local communities who realized they were witnessing the end of an era at Redstone. More importantly, they realized that they were losing a valuable member of their family."

With the move, the battalion has now planted its flag here at Fort Lee, said Berry.

"I have no doubt that Fort Lee and the Tri-City Area communities will embrace them and welcome them to the family," he said.

While the battalion is new to the installation, it is not new to the mission of training ordnance Soldiers, said Berry.

"We will continue to ensure that we send the finest, technically proficient ordnance warriors to the operational Army - the 832nd Ordnance Battalion has helped us do this for decades and the latest chapter in its history will not impede its ability to continue to train America's sons and daughters," he said.

Jackson, who took command of the battalion at Redstone Arsenal, said he appreciated the opportunity to uncase the colors that he cased at Redstone Arsenal in June.

"It is indeed an honor and a privilege to uncase the colors of the 832nd Ordnance Battalion here at Fort Lee, the fort where I began my military career as a second lieutenant 20 years ago," he said. "The casing and uncasing ceremonies have signified the bittersweet end of one era at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, and the beginning of another as we relocate ... to Fort Lee."

Making the battalion successful and sending on fully trained warriors to units are his main priorities here, Jackson said.

"(My wife and I) pledge to continue to build on the success that is established with this battalion, and we are eager to build our new team with each of you and your families," he said. "(Our organization has) the tremendous responsibility of receiving, training and providing those well-trained and competent Soldiers to the units out in the field."